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Growth hormone has joined the list of rejuvenating preparations. However, experts warn - he alth organizations have not approved its use as a safe method of preserving youth. How does growth hormone work? Who and why take growth hormone supplements?

Growth hormone(somatotropin , GH)is secreted by the anterior lobeof the pituitary gland . The highest level of secretion of thishormoneis seen in adolescence. Later its secretion decreases, but it is still present in the human body. In people in their 30s, hGH levels are reduced by about 14 percent. In the following years, the pituitary gland secretes less and less growth hormone, which affects the appearance and strength of human muscles. The decrease in hGH concentration with age is noticeable - strength and efficiency decrease, the skin visibly ages, and problems in the sexual sphere can also be noticed.

Growth hormone (somatotropin, GH) - action

Growth hormone:

  • stimulates the growth of the whole organism (the main site of action of somatotropin is epiphyseal cartilages of long bones)
  • enhances the synthesis of body proteins
  • accelerates fat burning
  • accelerates the breakdown of glycogen in the liver (increases blood sugar levels)
  • affects the mineral and water balance of the body

Growth hormone - causes of deficiency and excess

Causes of growth hormone deficiency can be congenital, acquired, or idiopathic (when the cause is unknown).

Congenital causesAcquired reasons
  • defect of various genes, e.g. the gene encoding growth hormone, somatoliberin, growth hormone receptor or somatoliberin
  • Congenital abnormalities of the central nervous system, such as empty saddle syndrome, agenesis of the corpus callosum or hydrocephalus
  • pituitary or hypothalamic tumors and metastases located in this area
  • irradiation of this area of ​​the brain
  • sarcoidosis
  • tuberculosis
  • hemochromatosis
  • head injury

In turn, the cause of excess growth hormone is usually caused by a tumor that increases the production of the hormone.

In adultsgrowth hormoneis releasedan average of five episodes per day - the highest ejection occurs in the deepest, fourth stage of sleep.


Growth hormone (GH) - norm

Normal growth hormone concentration: 1-12 µg / l, higher values ​​in newborns and children (10-30 µg / l).

Growth hormone - symptoms and effects of deficiency in children and adults

When growth hormone deficiency is severe, symptoms may appear shortly after birth. The size of the child is normal, but male children have a smaller penis (especially if growth hormone deficiency is accompanied by a deficiency of gonadotropic hormones). In addition, there is hypoglycaemia and prolonged jaundice.

The shortage of growth usually becomes visible only after a few or several months after birth. Dwarfism, and even cachexia, develops:

  • stunted growth
  • sexual underdevelopment
  • small hands
  • chubby cheeks
  • short nose
  • adipose tissue in the epigastric area

Growth hormone deficiency can also appear in adults, the symptoms of which are:

  • reduction of energy and vitality
  • emotional reaction disorders
  • states of depression
  • sense of fear
  • isolation from the environment
  • increasing abdominal obesity
  • decreased ability to exercise
  • thinning and drying of the skin

Growth hormone significantly affects the structure, proportions and composition of the body's tissues. In adults with a deficiency of this hormone, attention is paid primarily to the increased mass of adipose tissue (mainly visceral fat) and the reduction of the so-called fat-free mass (FFM).

Growth hormone - symptoms and effects of excess in children and adults

In turn, excess growth hormone leads to gigantism in children, and to acromegaly in adults. In both cases, the nose, mouth and tongue grow larger, the lower jaw becomes larger, leading to an undershot bite and an increase in the spacing between the teeth. The hands and feet also get enlarged, the skin on them appears taut and the soft tissue swells. Sick people complain of headaches, bone and joint pain, limited mobility, as well as sweating and eye problems.

Growth hormone - side effects, use in bodybuilding and aesthetic medicine

Growth hormoneis used not only in the case of its deficiency.Growth hormoneplays a key role in building muscle mass, which is why athletes are also willing to use them. Thanks to it, they achieve excellent resultssports, and additionally they avoid injuries during training.

The use of growth hormone in he althy people may lead, among others, to to diabetes - specialists warn.

Growth hormoneis also willingly used in aesthetic medicine for rejuvenating purposes. However, it is worth remembering that without consulting an experienced doctor, taking such preparations may cause serious disorders of the endocrine system, in particular, causing acromegaly disease, consisting in enlargement of the limbs, enlarged ears or nose.Growth hormoneBy transporting glucose molecules to the liver, it inhibits the action of insulin by directing glucose into cells. Thus, excess growth hormone can lead to insulin resistance and, furthermore, to diabetes. Other side effects of using excessive amounts of growth hormone in a he althy person - hypertension, water retention in the body.

There are growth hormone preparations available on the market, which can be delivered to the body in the form of tablets or injections. They are used as rejuvenating agents, energizing and sculpting the figure. However, due to side effects, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), famous for its stringent regulations, has not approved this treatment for use in aesthetic medicine. It is similar in Europe - none of the preparations containinggrowth hormonehas been approved for use as a rejuvenating agent. As recommended, it can only be used to treat short stature.

Growth hormone in replacement preparations

Growth hormoneused in too high doses can be extremely dangerous for the body. It is safer to use special preparations containing the so-called growth hormone precursors. These characteristics stimulate the natural secretion of your own growth hormone and slow down the aging process. The first growth hormone preparations were available as early as 1980 and contained a pure form of natural somatropin. It was collected from the pituitary glands of the deceased. However, it quickly turned out that people taking these preparations had various brain diseases. Growth hormone specifics today can be obtained in a synthetic form, which is obtained in genetic engineering laboratories. In the USA, preparations are available in two "versions". One contains a combination of 191 amino acids and the other contains 192.

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