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To prolong intercourse, you can try natural, home-made methods, such as the three-finger technique, or use special pills. Exercises that are performed regularly help control ejaculation bring good results. Check how to prolong intercourse by learning about proven ways to delay ejaculation.

If you're wonderinghow to prolong yourintercourse, you probably have a problem with premature ejaculation (PM). However, there is no need to worry as it is the most common sexual disorder in men. Many men at different stages of their sex life experience this problem, so you are not the only one looking forways to prolongintercourse. According to official calculations, 28 percent suffer from premature ejaculation (PW). men, and only in Poland every third.

Fortunately, there are effective ways to prolong your intercourse, which - if you are consistent and patient - will help you to postpone the moment of ejaculation.

Why is intercourse too short?

Sexologists say about him: "the inability to stop ejaculation from being pleasured together by both partners before at least two minutes have elapsed from the beginning of intercourse". Of course, we are talking about premature ejaculation, which causes many men to end faster than their partner. Hence, so many are looking for an answer to the question of how to extend the ratio.

Generally, it is not possible to determine the cause of this ailment. In adolescence, it can be explained by a storm of hormones. In mature age, premature ejaculation is most often the result of he alth problems (including hypertension, diabetes, prostate diseases, especially prostatitis or hyperthyroidism), but also too frequent masturbation, too long sexual abstinence or, for a change of frequent change of partners. If we add to this uncertainty of feelings, fear of ridicule, stress and the abuse of alcohol, cigarettes or intoxicants, then the PW syndrome will cease to be just an occasional event.

The man's psyche also has an impact on the phenomenon of premature ejaculation. The ejaculation itself, according to sexologists, almost 98 percent. it comes from the psyche, not from physiology. Therefore, treating premature ejaculation is not only about using the right measures,finding more and more new positions, but most of all having a positive attitude.

What are the methods for prolonging the intercourse?

There are several methods of dealing with premature ejaculation. From proper exercise and reacting to the first signals, to using several condoms at the same time or drinking alcohol just before the intercourse. The latter, as is known, thins the blood and delays the sexual end.

Polite thoughts also have help. Some try not to think about what excites them, others buy special anesthetic creams … Neither one nor the other method is good. Well, how do you imagine the ratio in which your partner thinks about settling accounts with the tax office or how much the annual car inspection will cost him …

Local anesthesia is also not the best idea. The partner may have the impression that she is wrestling with a log, which will reduce her libido to almost zero. Recently, the APE (Anti Premature Ejaculation) method has become fashionable - a set of tips and exercises that help you deal with premature ejaculation. APE is based on natural behavior, and its use is to restore men to normal reaction time, e.g. to excitement or sudden twists and turns. Apparently, half an hour of daily training is enough to notice the first effects and control your own body. Certainly, a lot depends on the partner and her appropriate approach to ars amandi. Understanding, patience and, above all, a lot of love is a recipe for a satisfying and stress-free relationship.

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How to extend intercourse? Advice for women

If your partner suffers from premature ejaculation, do this exercise together. It will help the man to gain control over his own body.

The partner lays down on his back, you sit astride his thighs. Use gentle caresses to get a full erection, then slow down as your partner approaches orgasm. Just before ejaculating, tighten your fingers firmly on the penis about 3 cm below the head and hold for about 10 seconds. Only resume stimulation until the partner's excitement subsides slightly.

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Repeat the exercise several times in a row until you learn to recognize the signs of your partner's impending orgasm and your partner learns to control his ejaculation a little. In the next stage of the exercise, the partner will learn to control his reactions during intercourse. Get on your partner just like in the rider position and insert a hard member into the vagina. Do not make any body movements. If the partner is not enoughexcited, you can do several sets of Kegel contractions. When the partner signals the impending ejaculation, remove the penis from the vagina and perform the pressure as in the first exercise. Wait for the tension to partially drop and repeat the exercise a few more times, extending the duration while still.

After a few series, your partner should gain more control over your ejaculation. Only then can you have a full orgasmic intercourse.

How to extend intercourse? Home remedies

  • The three-finger technique

The technique of compressing the perineum has been practiced in China for five thousand years, and so far it is more effective than other methods of stopping ejaculation. However, it requires reflexes and a lot of skill of the partner.

If you want to delay the upcoming ejaculation, press three fingers on a point in the central part of the perineum (between the testicles and anus) and wait for the excitement to subside. This should slow down the climax by a few minutes.

  • Kegel training

Daily PC muscle training (Kegel muscles) can delay ejaculation. A man should regularly perform 30 series of quick contractions and relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles and several series of long contractions, each lasting 10 seconds. The exercises should be repeated in the morning and in the evening, gradually increasing the duration of muscle tension with each week. Strong, flexible PC muscles allow a man to better control his reactions and freely control his masculinity. They are essential in the tantric methods of ejaculation inhibition that you should definitely try.

Also apply the withdrawal technique. The resilient PC muscles are a prerequisite for the success of this method. When the partner feels the approaching ejaculation, he stops the thrusts and withdraws the penis from the vagina, leaving only the tip of the head at its entrance. Tightens the PC muscles and counts to ten. Experienced men say that ten quick contractions give a better effect. A man should try both methods and choose the best one for himself.

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  • STOP and GO technique

The method recommended by American sexologists is very simple and effective. You just need to know at what point to stop intercourse. It consists in stopping penetration just before the partner's orgasm and dealing with the partner's caresses. Intercourse can only be started after the erection has subsided slightly. Intertwining intercourse with other forms of sex can even double the duration of a love session.

  • The 9 thrust technique

The Far East 9-thrust technique is based on appropriate energy flow control, which is to translate into delayed ejaculation. During penetration, the partner should count the cycles of shallow and deep thrusts as follows. The thrusts are performed without leaving your partner.

  • 9 shallow thrusts and 1 deep
  • 8 shallow thrusts and 2 deep
  • 7 shallow thrusts and 3 deep
  • 6 shallow thrusts and 4 deep
  • 5 shallow thrusts and 5 deep
  • 4 shallow thrusts and 6 deep ones
  • 3 shallow thrusts and 7 deep thrusts
  • 2 shallow thrusts and 8 deep thrusts
  • 1 shallow thrust and 9 deep

This type of stimulation works well for men who get aroused quickly or when the couple is close to orgasm, but wants to extend the intercourse by several minutes. The pace of shallow thrusts should be moderate and the deep thrust should be quick and firm. After the first series, you can usually take a break without leaving your partner. Take care of kissing and caressing with your hands. When the excitement subsides a bit, you can start the 2nd series. If at some stage the partner is close to ejaculating, the partner should press the point located between the base of the penis and the anus (see the three-finger technique).

How to prolong intercourse with pills?

Pharmacological agents are the last resort, and it is rather when it turns out that the cause of premature ejaculation is the so-called overactivity of the vulvar nerve, hypersensitivity of the glans penis (as a result of an infection) or muscle tension of the urethral sphincter. Combined therapy - i.e. a combination of training with electrotherapy or physiokinesitherapy, used in specialist offices (approximately 15 treatments daily is recommended) gives much better results than the administration of tablets.


Medications for premature ejaculation

Ejaculation is controlled by the central nervous system and therefore premature ejaculation is considered a neurobiological problem. Numerous neurotransmitters are involved in the ejaculation process, the most important of which is serotonin, which inhibits ejaculation. Another is dopamine, which triggers orgasm. Therefore, premature ejaculation is believed to be related to low serotonin levels and high dopamine levels in the areas of the nervous system that control ejaculation. The levels of serotonin and dopamine help regulate, among others SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors). They includedapoxetine- the only preparation registered in the treatment of premature ejaculation available in Poland. The drug shows a great dealeffectiveness after the first application. It is quickly absorbed, but also quickly removed from the body, which increases the safety of its use.

Some men reach for gels or sprays applied topically, and containing anesthetics -lidocaineandprilocaine . These agents numb the glans and help to delay ejaculation, but if used for longer, they are not very effective. They can also make the penis numb, and in overdose can lead to loss of erection and ejaculation. In addition, the preparation introduced into the partner's vagina will reduce her sensations, and with prolonged use, it may lead to disturbances in her orgasm.

Author: Anna Jarosz

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