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The spring solstice means that you have no energy for anything. You feel eternal fatigue and lack of willingness to live, you have problems with concentration, you constantly feel like sleeping. You seem to be fine, but your heart is knocking, your head aches, and your bones are breaking. What is the Spring Solstice? What symptoms might indicate that you are experiencing the spring solstice?

There are those who thinkspring solstice symptomsis a great excuse to slow down the pace of your life. However,spring solsticeexists and even has a medical name - Spring Fatigue Syndrome.

Spring solstice: reasons

Professor James Waterhouse from the Faculty of Physiology at Manchester University believes that if we feel the spring solstice, we are largely to blame for ourselves, because nobody tells us to live against the biological clock. And this one tells us to rest. The best months for a vacation are, apart from November, March and April, which is the time of the spring solstice, which most people do not want to accept.

In winter we spend more time at home, there is no sun and the diet is poorer in vitamins and minerals. When spring arrives, our bodies are in trouble and find it difficult to switch over. Variable weather and pressure surges do not make the situation any easier.

Symptoms of the spring solstice

You can feel the spring solstice for several weeks. Its most characteristic symptoms include:

  • weakness
  • sleepiness
  • frequent headaches and muscle aches (possibly due to a vitamin and mineral deficiency)
  • weakening of reflexes and muscles (too little potassium)
  • irritability, lower resistance to stress, painful muscle spasms (magnesium deficiency)
  • sudden attacks of fatigue (iron deficiency)
  • hair loss (lack of zinc)

7 tips for spring solstice

  • don't overwork yourself
  • sleep not less than 8 hours, necessarily from approx.22
  • go on an easily digestible diet
  • drink lots of fruit juices
  • do not avoid snacks
  • supplement your diet with multivitamin supplements
  • practice, practice and practice again - or at least walk

How to fight the spring solstice?

Source:ń Dobry TVN

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