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The calorie calculator is a tool that allows you to calculate the caloric demand - the calculator we have prepared will help you do it easily and quickly. Check how much you can eat during the day to maintain or reduce weight.

Caloric demand calculator

Each of us has an individual dailycaloric demand , depending on e.g. on age, weight, height and physical activity. Ignoring these factors is a common mistake of people who go on a diet and may have an impact on its results.

Regardless of whether you want to lose weight or maintain a constant weight, first find out your daily caloric needs and BMR index, which is so-called basal metabolic rate. Thanks to this, you will achieve the assumed effects in a safe manner, without risking nutritional deficiencies.

How to calculate the caloric requirement?

Below is a simple but accurateCalorie Requirement Calculatorthat you can use to see how many calories you should eat per day to reduce or maintain your weight. Just fill in the fields with data and press "CALCULATE".

Calculate the caloric requirement , which will allow you to maintain your current weight, lose weight or gain weight.

Calculation of caloric requirements

The caloric requirement (also known as the caloric requirement or the caloric requirement) is the energy expenditure of our body during the day.

Daily caloric requirement

The average caloric requirement for an adult is 1,600 to 3,000 calories a day.

Why use a calorie burn calculator?

Zcalorie calculatorshould only be used by adults. Calculate your individual daily caloric requirements if you want:

  • reduce weight - consume fewer calories per day,
  • gain weight - increase the daily caloric requirement,
  • maintain total calories - eat the same number of calories.

Caloric needs calculator to lose weight

Thanks to the BMR index it will be easier for you to plan your menu and maintain control over he althy eating. If you want to lose 1 kg a week, reduce your daily intake by 1000 calories. When you are planning to lose 0.5 pounds onweek, lower your caloric intake by 500 calories. In order to lose 1 kg of body fat, you need to burn 7,000 calories.

Tracking your caloric intake helps you better understand how many calories your body needs to lose, gain, or maintain a certain weight. Whatever your goal, knowing how many calories you eat is key to getting the effect you want. One way to count calories is to keep a food diary and write down everything you eat, then keep track of the number of calories for each food.

Portion control and the choice of nutrient-rich foods are also important habits.

How does the calorie calculator work?

Based on the entered datathe calorie burn calculatordetermines the minimum daily caloric requirement, which is necessary to support life processes. This means how many calories your body needs to function during the day.

In adults, the BMI ( Body Mass Index ) ranges from 18.5 to 24.9 kg / m2. It is not the end. This result must be multiplied by the physical activity coefficient ( Physical Activity Level ). Below is a list for individual activities:

  • low physical activity: 1.4;
  • moderate physical activity: 1.6;
  • active lifestyle: 1.75;
  • very active lifestyle: 2;
  • competitive sports: 2.2-2.4.

Only then can the Total Metabolic Rate (CPM) be obtained.

What is a calorie?

Calorie in diet is the amount of energy that the body can absorb from food. Whether they are fats, proteins, carbohydrates, or sugars, they are an important source of calories that people need to live and function.

Every cell in our body requires energy to function in optimal condition. Therefore, it is worth nourishing the body and brain well. If the amount of nutrients that calories provide is not enough, it will affect your well-being or a lack of energy and concentration.

Remember that the energy value of food is given in kilocalories, not in calories! By using the word calorie, you make a fundamental mistake.

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What does counting calories do?

  • You pay attention to what you eat.
  • You develop he althy eating habits.
  • You arrange your menu better.

Calories burned calculatoris a tool extremely helpful in losing weight and controlling the quality of products included in meals.

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