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When spring is getting closer, you feel eternal fatigue, you have problems with concentration, you still feel like sleeping. You seem to be okay, but your heart is knocking, your head hurts, your bones are breaking … However, you can effectively fight the effects of the spring solstice. Diet, infusions, stress relief and light therapy will help with spring fatigue.

Every fifth person then has similar ailments. Doctors call them thespring fatigue syndrome . It is a reduction in fitness that lasts for many weeks, combined with physical exhaustion, loss of initiative, excessive excitability and marked mood swings. Only a specialist can assess whether you can deal with it yourself.

There are times when you feel like this is a symptom of what Americans refer to as the "Eternal Fatigue Syndrome." It is believed to be caused by the hard-to-detect Epstein-Barr virus. Most often, however, it is simplyfatigue spring . To feel relieved, it is enough to strengthen the body and change winter habits.

Diet rules for spring fatigue

A winter diet, poor in vitamins and microelements, is to blame for a poor physical and mental condition. Their deficiency is manifested by apathy, memory impairment, anemia, dry skin, formation of unsightly seizures, brittle nails and hair loss. Therefore, in spring you should eat 3 to 5 meals a day. Not too abundant, so as not to burden the stomach.

Don't forget to have breakfast before you leave the house and then a second little snack (it can be fruit or fruit yoghurt). The daily menu should include: fish or lean meat, dairy products, fruit, vegetables, whole grain bread and groats. During the day, you can nibble on dried fruit, nuts, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds, but avoid sweets (except dark chocolate).

Indietreducing the effects ofspring fatiguenatural vitamins and minerals are very important. To replenish their deficiencies after winter, start growing sprouts at home. Those from the seeds of radish, alfalfa, watercress and wheat are the richest source of B vitamins, they also provide vitamins A, C, E and minerals: zinc, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. They are low in calories.

In pitsPumpkin and sunflower seeds, nuts and dark chocolate contain magnesium, which is effective in helping to fight stress. Zinc contained in cereal sprouts and sunflower seeds improves the condition of hair and nails. Chromium present in yeast (and yeast tablets) restores the proper functioning of the immune system and lowers blood sugar levels, thus reducing the appetite for sweets.

Herbal infusions for spring fatigue

A heart tired of winter will do well with herbal and fruit teas, which include dried fruits of chokeberry, hawthorn, rowan, as well as lemon balm leaves, mint and hawthorn inflorescences. Rose hips tea is also perfect because it contains potassium, magnesium, zinc, calcium and glycosides, which have a calming effect and improve oxygenation of the heart muscle. You can sweeten the infusion with a teaspoon of real honey.


You may need more sleep at the beginning of spring

You need it at least eight hours a day. Therefore, go to sleep when you feel tired. And remember: don't read in bed! If sleep doesn't come quickly, listen to some quiet, relaxing music. Good sex or a warm bath with the addition of a delicate essential oil also works reliably as a sleeping aid. You can go out for a short, oxygenating walk, which is sure to help you fall asleep. However, watching drastic TV programs, arguing with family and worrying about unfinished business are strictly prohibited.

The effect of a solstice is that you feel more stressed

Try to live a more peaceful life after all. The constant rush is not good for your he alth and causes stress. When we live in long-term tension, the psyche first fails (we have shaky moods, fears, depression), then the body (exhaustion, digestive and circulatory system disorders appear) and finally we start to get sick. There are many ways to relieve stress.

First of all, learn to say a resolute "no", both at work and at home. Over-zealousness does not pay off. People with a cheerful disposition win over stress, because their blood contains much higher levels of endorphins, acting like hormones strengthening the immune system and preventing depression.

A sincere, hearty laugh is great for oxygenating, because it stimulates the diaphragm and lungs to work. It is a better remedy for improving well-being than various anti-depressant "happiness pills". They bring temporary relief, but with prolonged use, they may be addictive, disturb the heart, raise or lower blood pressure. Therefore, take all sedative medications only in consultation with your doctor.

Experts warn against the "black syndrome."Monday "What is it? It begins at the end of the week, when apathy and fatigue intensify, dissatisfaction with yourself and your appearance. You feel remorse for the unfinished business. That's why when the days off come, instead of resting, you throw yourself into a whirlwind. work or housecleaning without even giving yourself a moment to rest. For those who are weaker, it ends up with a heart attack or stroke, which occurs on Monday between 8 am and 10 am

Therefore, when you feel prolonged fatigue, do not try to make up for the accumulated arrears at all costs one day. You better relax, read a book, meet friends, go to the cinema or theater, but a long, quick walk will do the best for you.

Fatigue is caused by a lack of light

The worse mood in the cold season is due to the lack of natural light. That is why it is worth taking advantage of every sunny day in spring. By penetrating the brain, the sun stimulates the pituitary gland - a gland that produces serotonin, known as the happiness hormone. From there, light stimuli are sent to the nervous system, which stimulates or inhibits metabolism, secretion of hormones and improves the work of the circulatory system.

Natural light can be replaced with artificial light (e.g. in a solarium), but it does not provide so many benefits. In modern doctor's offices and beauty salons, the effects of spring fatigue are mitigated by the so-called polarized light (all its waves move in parallel planes, and the lamp does not produce UV rays). This treatment regenerates and strengthens the immune system.

Seasonal depressive states can also be alleviated by exposure to a fluorescent lamp that emits light similar to daylight. Staying in its rays for two hours (you can then read, sew or take a nap) significantly improves your mood and well-being. Such lamps can be purchased at home appliances stores.

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