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The back of the neck is nothing but the back of the neck. There are many important structures in this area of ​​the body, including the cervical vertebrae, the spinal cord and important blood vessels. A common complaint of this part of the human body is neck pain. What are the causes of this type of pain and what can I do to stop it? Find out what the structure of the neck looks like.

The neckis the back part of the human neck.The neckis part of the cervical spine through which the cervical vertebrae, numerous blood vessels, and muscles run. In humans, this structure does not arouse much attention, otherwise it is different in other mammals, such as cats. In these animals, the skin in the neck area is characterized by poor innervation, which allows mothers of young kittens to carry them by grasping them by the skin of the nape.

Neck: anatomy

The neck is the place that connects the head and torso. In this part of the human body, quite important structures are found or run. Especially about the sevencervical vertebraethat surround the cervical section of the spinal cord running in the cervical region.

Important blood vesselsrun through the back of the neck, such as the jugular veins and carotid arteries.

Other important organs related to the neck are alsoesophagus and larynx .

There are also somemusclesassociated with the cervical area, such as the trapezius and the sternoclavicular muscles.

Neck: causes of pain

Neck painis a common problem, and ultimately most people suffer from neck pain throughout their lives. There are many causes of neck pain.


Neck pain occurs primarily due tostraining the neck musclesandstraining the cervical vertebrae . Any overload is favored by working for many hours in a sitting position, but also a general sedentary lifestyle.

Neck pain can be caused by various strains. These can be a consequence ofimproperly performed exercises , especially those related to the performance of sudden movements.


Nerve pain is also favored by stress . Prolonged emotional tension can result in excessive stressmuscle tension, which may ultimately result in pain in the neck area.

Wrong sleeping position

It happens that a person gets out of bed in the morning and immediately experiences unpleasant sensations in the cervical area.Wrong sleeping positioncan also cause neck pain.

Diseases of the osteoarticular system

There are also manydisease entitiesthat are associated with dysfunctions of the structures of the neck and the nape, in which one of the symptoms may be neck pain.

Examples of such diseases include:

  • degenerative changes in the spine (especially in the cervical spine),
  • osteoporotic changes in the cervical vertebrae of the spine,
  • rheumatoid arthritis,
  • ankylosing spondylitis,
  • cervical spinal stenosis.


The above-mentioned diseases can be classified as diseases of the osteoarticular system.Neck pain may also appear in the course of an infection . This is primarily about meningitis, where the pain in the neck may be accompanied by its stiffness (which is one of the meningeal symptoms).

It is worth mentioning here that the stiffness of the neck and its pain alone are not enough to diagnose a serious infection in the form of meningitis. These problems are rather accompanied by other ailments, such as e.g. high fever, very severe headache or vomiting.

Kark: research

Occasionally experiencing neck pain is usually not a cause for concern. However, people who struggle with the problem for a long time, and they experience significant pain, should definitely consult a specialist.

You can go to an orthopedist, who - in the event of indications - will order appropriate tests to find the cause of the ailments.

In diagnosing the source of neck pain, imaging tests, such as for example :

  • RTG,
  • computed tomography
  • Does magnetic resonance imaging.

Neck: treatment of neck pain

Regular exercise is the primary method that is recommended for patients experiencing neck pain. Patients can do them on their own at home. In addition, it is possible to start regularphysiotherapyunder the supervision of a physiotherapist.

It should be noted here that the attemptsto prevent the occurrence of pain are very importantneck . For this purpose, you should remember to take the correct posture while working at the computer, and not only. You should sit properly, but also avoid working in non-ergonomic positions.

In a situation where someone regularly experiences significant stress, systematic exercise is beneficial to reduce or get rid ofincreased muscle tension.Thanks to this, they will help reduce neck pain.

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