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Karolina Małysz decided to share the achievement she made with her husband. Despite the fact that the jumper's daughter waited for everything for six months and had great concerns that everything would succeed, she cannot hide her great pride, and she praised the result of her work via social media. The special moment has come, and Małysz's descendant has something to be proud of!

Karolina Małysz decided to show off what she had been waiting for six months. Although many couples decide to make such a gesture almost immediately after getting married, Małysz's daughter and her husband stated that they were ready to wait as much as six months. However, everything was worth waiting for, and Małyszówna praised the effect via social media. You can envy her!

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Karolina Małysz has been waiting for it for six months. It was worth it!

Although many married couples decide to have a wedding session almost immediately after getting married, the jumper's daughter and her husband decided to be original and waited for six months to capture the amazing scenery. As a result of her work, the descendant of the legend of Polish sport praised her via a photo on the Instagram social network.

- It is true that we have been married for over half a year, but we waited for the session until winter - Karolina Małysz wrote on her profile.

Even though the couple had some concerns, it was all done perfectly. What were the spouses afraid of? It turns out that the effect of the session could have been spoiled by the weather.

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Karolina Małysz was very afraid of this. Luckily, the weather didn't spoil anything

It turns out that Karolina Małysz was very concerned that the snow, which was supposed to be an important element of the photo, would melt. Fortunately, nothing like this happened, and the photo of a satisfied Małyszówna became a real hit on the Internet.

- There was a fear of missingsnow, but in the end it all worked out and we came across one of the most beautiful winter days of this year - wrote the happy daughter of the legendary ski jumper.


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