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How many calories do we burn during various activities? Even 1000 - we will lose that much while climbing the stairs for an hour. Such intense physical effort is enough to burn half of the daily energy requirement. However, you can burn calories not only when you exercise, but also during sex and even sleep, because the human body burns calories around the clock. How many calories can you burn while running, cycling or doing simple home activities?

How many calories do we burn during exercise?

Knowing how many calories we burn during intense physical exertion is a strong motivation to act, especially if our goal is to lose weight. Intensive physical exercise is the best way to accelerate metabolism and use energy from, among others, from adipose tissue.

How many calories you burn during exercise, however, depends not only on its intensity, but also on the body weight of the exerciser, as well as the time of training. For example, a person weighing 65 kg will burn 322 kcal in 30 minutes of running at a pace of 6.5 min / km. An equally effective way to lose energy and burn fat is by cycling (20 km / hour=600 kilocalories - kcal) and jumping rope (574 kcal / hour).

How many calories do we burn during housework?

Calories can also be burned without intense exercise in the gym. All you need to do is reach for a vacuum cleaner, mop or windscreen washer. During one hour of vacuuming, we burn 135 kcal. We will burn a little less, i.e. 120 kilocalories, while cleaning windows or floors. We need to spend a little more energy on hand washing (150 kcal). However, the most effective is scrubbing the floor, during which we burn 213 kcal.

Burning calories while sleeping

The human body also burns calories when you sleep. During an hour of intense sleep, we can burn about 70 kcal - this is the amount of energy the body needs for regeneration. In addition, sleep is a very important part of the weight loss process. People who are sleepy not only burned fewer calories while sleeping, but also have an increased appetite, which is not conducive to weight loss.

How many calories are burned during sex?

It turns out that burning calories can benot only exhausting, but also enjoyable. Depending on the intensity of the intercourse and its duration, we can burn from 200 to 600 kcal. This is almost the same as running or cycling.

Burning calories while texting, kissing, chewing gum

Even when performing activities such as texting, kissing or chewing gum, we burn unnecessary calories. The most calories we consume when writing text messages are 40 kilocalories / hour. Our body needs much less energy for chewing gum or kissing (11 kcal / hour).

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Calorie burn table

  • Climbing stairs - 948 kcal / hour
  • Run (fast - 5 min / km) - 780 kcal / h
  • brisk walking (7 km / h) - 293 kcal / h
  • Walk - 228 kcal / h
  • Swimming - 468 kcal / hour
  • Vigorous dance - 366 kcal / hour
  • Aerobics - 300 kcal / hour
  • Boxing - 558 kcal / hour
  • Bowling game - 204 kcal / hour
  • Horseback riding - 258 kcal / hour
  • Ice skating - 426 kcal / hour
  • Skiing - 438 kcal / hour
  • Basketball game - 504 kcal / hour
  • Vacuuming - 135 kcal / hour
  • Jump rope - 492 kcal / hour
  • Tennis - 432 kcal / hour
  • Crunches - 400 kcal / hour
  • Stationary bike - 422 kcal / hour
  • Skateboarding - 318 kcal / hour

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