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The diet before New Year's Eve will make you get rid of the sticking out belly that appeared after the Christmas feast. By New Year's Eve, you have the chance to lose weight by up to two sizes! Check how to effectively and quickly lose weight before New Year's Eve. Try a menu that will help you lose weight before New Year's Eve.

Do you wantto lose weight before New Year's Eve ? You do not have to undergo a hunger strike or other drastic diet or torment yourself at the gym to gently and safelylose weightin a few days. Stop blaming yourself for failing to eat moderation this Christmas.

Use the end of the year to return to rational nutrition and restore the body's metabolic balance. And if you want to lose a few kilos during this time, use the traditional reduction diet, i.e. slimming diet, worth 1,200 kcal a day, relax and spend more time walking. It is worth giving yourself a massage at this time, which will loosen the fatty tissue. Such a strategy can make you welcome the New Year in a dress smaller by two numbers.

Howlose weight quickly before New Year's Evewithout harm to the body? Here are our advice.

Diet before New Year's Eve: main rules

In order to restore balance to the digestive system after the holiday overeating, it is worth implementing a few rules. Here is a list of recommended and non-recommended products:

  • Recommended products are: frozen fruit, all vegetables and sprouts, poultry, whole grains, chicken protein, whey (available at sports nutrition stores), skim dairy products, lean meats.
  • Consume moderately: olives, olive oil, avocados, almonds, peanuts, spices, honey and maple syrup, fruit and vegetable juices, caffeine.
  • Eat small amounts of: cream, butter, cheese, sauces, white flour products, chocolate, offal, red meat, alcohol.
  • The prohibited products are: fatty meats, mold cheeses, fast food, sweets.

You must also remember that in addition to diet, exercise and massage are very important.

Diet before New Year's Eve: sample menu

I Breakfast approx. 300 kcal

3 tablespoons of whole grain flakes with 0.5% milk (or yogurt), a few dried apricots, freshly squeezed orange juice

IIBreakfast 150 kcal

A slice of whole grain bread smeared with a teaspoon of margarine, with a leaf of lettuce or chicory and two slices of lean sausage, tomato; to drink it can be a "hot cup" or fruit tea

Lunch around 500 kcal

Minced meatballs (approx. 150 g). 1 cup of cooked buckwheat, brussel sprouts from water; drinking green tea

Tea 100 kcal

1 cup of cooked pudding with a tablespoon of raisins and tangerine particles or a smoothie of whey and fruit

Dinner 250 kcal

Chicken in jelly (100 g), a slice of crispbread, lettuce with vinaigrette and herbal tea.

Diet before New Year's Eve: sex, walks and massages

The metabolism is also stimulated by massages. If you want to take advantage of a special slimming massage, be sure to visit a professional masseur. Incompetently performed massage may be dangerous for your body. At home, you can use the help of a loved one who will simply massage the aromatic olive into your body and help you relax.

Remember that weight gain is also conducive to stress. Nervous nerves at work and at home will not help you lose the extra pounds before New Year's Eve.

Sex, on the other hand, is effective in losing weight. Long-lasting and inflaming the senses, it tires and burns fat. All the muscles work then. Get your partner to join him and practice together at least three times a week. And after meals and after sex, go for a long walk alone or with your loved ones, which will also help you get rid of the excess calories eaten.

You must do it
  • Eat slowly, it takes 20 minutes for the "full" signal to reach your brain. If you eat your batch quickly, you'll still be hungry and reach for the next one.
  • Drink water, even sparkling water; a glass of water at the beginning of a meal is one way to trick your stomach.
  • Prepare meat and fish dishes baked in foil or steamed, always eat with vegetables.
  • Give up eating bread, e.g. with fish, dishes prepared for Christmas have a lot of carbohydrates anyway: dumplings, noodles, pancakes.
  • You can keep your weight in check by eating lean meats and roast meats.
  • Give up eating cakes and desserts, because of them your metabolism decreases.
  • Use herbs instead of s alt; its excess in food causes swelling and malaise
  • Eat fresh fruit instead of cake.
  • Choose a glass of red wine instead of strong alcohol. Red wine flavonoids prevent cholesterol build-up and burn fat faster.

Diet before New Year's Eve: be carefulfor caloric traps

What snacks from the New Year's Eve table do you need to reach out with caution so as not to provide your body with additional calories?

  • Sweetened condensed milk - one portion added to coffee - 80 kcal
  • Parmesan - 1 teaspoon grated Parmesan - 70 kcal
  • Pork sausages - 1 sausage - 170 kcal
  • S alted sticks - 1 handful - approx. 50 kcal
  • Pretzels - 1 handful - approx. 60 kcal
  • Bear jellies - 1 handful - approx. 170 kcal
  • Sesame seeds - 1 sesame seeds - 46 kcal
  • Cereal cookies - 1 cookie - 51 kcal
  • Biscuits - 1 biscuit - approx. 20 kcal
  • Crackers - 1 cracker - 25 kcal
  • Biscuits - 1 sponge cake - 11 kcal
  • Meringue - 1 meringue - approx. 40 kcal

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