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There are 3 types of figure: ectomorphs, mesomorphs and endomorphs (the so-called somatotypes). Solve the test that will allow you to see what type you represent. Recognizing your somatotype is important because your body structure determines the effectiveness of exercise and diet. Other trainings are intended for small girls with an ectomorphic structure, and others for an endomorphic figure, prone to weight gain. See what type of figure you have and choose the appropriate training for it.

The division intobody types( somatotypes ) was introduced by the American psychologist William Sheldon. He distinguished 3 types of body structure in humans (this is the so-called Sheldon typology):

  • ectomorph- tall, small, slim people;
  • mesomorphs- people with a lot of muscle tissue, well-built;
  • endomorphs- people who are often short, with a tendency to accumulate adipose tissue.

The classification proposed by the American scientist was based on the proportion in the body structure of the subjects. However, you don't need to measure your circumferences to find out what type you represent. All you have to do is solve a short test consisting of 4 questions about the appearance of your body and its physical predispositions. This is a simple way to find out your somatotype.

Why is it so important? Because each figure reacts differently to a given type of training and diet. For example, an ectomorph has a genetically programmed thinness and a small amount of muscle tissue, which makes it more difficult for him to work out muscles in the gym. On the other hand, endomorphs usually have trouble shedding unnecessary kilograms. Thanks to the knowledge about your body type, you will realistically assess your training goals and adjust exercises and diet to them, which will help you achieve the best results.

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TEST: what type of body do you have?

1. What do you see when you look in the mirror?

a) I have a delicate physique, I am slim, weakly muscled, I slouch a lot, I do not have large breasts.

b) Despite the fact that I do not exercise much, my muscles are quite defined, I have a feminine figure, I often walk upright.

c) My muscles are not visible, I tend to accumulate fat, I have no waistline.

2. How your body reactsfor physical activity?

a) I have a big problem with building muscles, but I have no trouble shedding unnecessary kilograms. My weak point is strength training - I don't have the strength to do squats with a barbell, I don't like dumbbells.

b) I like sports and practicing it is easy for me. I see the effects of exercise quickly - I have no problem to lose weight or build muscle mass.

c) Even though I exercise, it is difficult for me to lose weight. I can build muscle, but it takes a lot of time and regularity on my part.

3. What's your body build?

a) I have a small physique and good metabolism. Even if I eat junk food from time to time, I have no problem keeping weight.

b) I have an hourglass-shaped structure. If I want to improve the appearance of my body and start to lose weight and exercise, I can see the results quickly.

c) I don't have a flat stomach and despite all my best efforts, I can't work it out. After trying to lose weight, I often get the yo-yo effect and I have a problem with extra kilos.

4. Which sentence best describes you?

a) Chronic stress and fatigue make me sleepless and find it difficult to relax.

b) I am firm and stubborn. I am often adamant.

c) I have rare mood swings. As a rule, I am cheerful and I like the company of other people.


Most answers a) - you are typeectomorph .

Most answers b) - you are typemesomorph .

Most answers c) - you are typeendomorphic .

Body type: ectomorph

People characterized by this type of figure are usually small and slim. On the one hand, ectomorphs can be glad that they have been gifted with such genes - they have a fast metabolism that allows them to stay slim. Thanks to this, eating unhe althy food more often than in the case of people with a different body structure does not cause a rapid weight gain in them. However, just because you can't see fat underneath your clothing, doesn't mean there isn't any!

In ectomorphs there is often the effect of "skinny fat", or loosely translated "skinny fat". They achieve the planned training effects quite slowly. If they develop visible muscles, they may be much shorter if they stop exercising and sticking to their diet than with mesomorphs and endomorphs.

Tip:You are predisposed to strength training with heavy loads. However, you should increase the number of calories you eat and establish your protein ratio andcarbohydrates - all because you burn calories quickly. If you eat too little, your muscles will not be visible.

Body type: mesomorph

Mesomorphs are people with a muscular body structure. This means that in their bodies, muscle significantly outweighs fat. In the case of women, the silhouette is shaped like an hourglass, and in men it is rectangular.

Mesomorphs who want to maintain a he althy figure should follow a diet based on protein and carbohydrates - ingredients that contribute to the development of muscles. The mesomorphic organism has an incredible ability to regenerate - this is why people with this type of figure are often great athletes: they are not afraid of strenuous workouts!

Of course, mesomorphs cannot give up systematic work - the fact that we are properly built and achieve results quickly does not mean that we can eat whatever we want and train occasionally. Inconsistency means that even the best genes cannot help us.

Tip:You are predisposed to develop large muscle mass. You can do this with a proper diet and regular training. However, remember not to overdo it with exercise - your muscles need regeneration.

Body type: endomorph

Endomorphs have a massive body structure. They tend to put on weight, and what is worse, fat is deposited around their internal organs. This makes them especially vulnerable to heart disease and diabetes. Endomorphs are people who are most often overweight. They are also the victims of the yo-yo effect.

However, unfavorable genes do not have to make it impossible to achieve your dream figure. Endomorphism is only an obstacle that can be overcome with self-denial, heavy and systematic training, and sticking to a diet.

Tip:You are predisposed to strength sports and workouts with heavy loads. However, if your goal is to lose weight, only systematic training supported by an appropriate diet will result in satisfying results. Use cardio exercises, preferably intervals. Due to the slow metabolism, you should limit carbohydrates. Consume more protein for it - it will speed up your metabolism.

Choose a workout to your body shape

Girls with an ectomorphic build have delicate bones and joints, so disciplines that require stretching are suitable for them. Ectomorphs also tend to perform well in endurance sports such as running. If you are lean but want to gain muscle,use weight training, e.g. kettlebells.

Mesomorphs can train almost anything - from gentle breathing exercises, through cardio and intervals, to intense strength training. To shape your body even more beautifully and to model strategic areas, use strength and aerobic exercises simultaneously.

For endomorphs, high-intensity workouts will be the best, as they increase the metabolism and intensify the processes of fat burning.

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Choose a diet that suits your body shape

If you already know how to train to get the results you want, check which diet is best for you. In the table you will find tips on nutrients and products that should be included in your diet or that you should avoid.

Mesomorphs are the real lucky ones among the three mentioned types - they can eat practically anything and even a caloric cheat meal will not negatively affect their physique.

Eat a lot:

complex carbohydrates(whole grain bread and pasta, groats, brown rice - facilitate weight gain);he althy fats(sea fish, olive oil, linseed oil, avocado, nuts);fruit and vegetables .

proteins(also in the form of red meat - has a lot of iron);vegetables and fruits ;he althy fats ;complex carbohydrates .

proteins(poultry, lean fish, legumes, e.g. beans, broad beans - boost your metabolism, making you burn fat easier);fiber(vegetables, bran, linseed, seeds and pips - accelerates the metabolism and excretion of toxins).

Eat in moderation:

protein(because it increases metabolism and you lose weight);carbohydratessimple(white bread, sweets - contribute to the "skinny fat" effect and cause insulin spikes).

simple carbohydrates(regardless of the body type, they increase the risk of diabetes).

he althy fats(necessary for the proper functioning of the body, but high in calories);fruits(they have a lot of vitamins, but also a lot of sugar) ;nuts( although he althy, contain a lot of fat);complex carbohydrates ;red meat .


trans saturated fat(fast food, crisps, ready meals from the store, powdered soups, etc.)

trans saturated fat .

simple carbohydrates(cause the deposition of adipose tissue);trans saturated fat .

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Slimming training for the endomorph

Below you will find an exemplary training by trainer Ada Palka, which is based on the Train My Way method: 3x3x30. It consists in performing 3 series of 3 exercises, each of which should last 30 seconds. Training slims and firms the body, which is why it is perfect for people with an endomorphic structure who want to burn calories. Remember to do a short warm-up before starting it.

The article uses materials from the book "fitRewolucja w 4 steps", edited by Magdalena Derewecka, Sine Qua Non publishing house.

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