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VERIFIED CONTENTConsultation: Małgorzata Kośla, qualified fitness instructor and certified personal trainer.

Reduction is a topic that still causes a lot of difficulties for trainees. Properly carried out fat reduction should not cause any harm to he alth. In the pursuit of a perfect figure, we often forget about it. During the reduction, we make many mistakes that not only hinder fat burning, but also have a very negative effect on our he alth. Check what are the most common reduction mistakes and learn what to do to make fat reduction effective and safe for your he alth.

Fat reductionis a topic around which many myths have arisen. Daily training, starvation, complete elimination of carbohydrates and fats, lack of sleep, lack of rest - these are just some of the many mistakes made onreductionresulting from ignorance of its principles. People who carry outreductionare often blinded by their goal, regardless of the he alth consequences.

Always remember that sport is he alth, not compulsion, whether it is while building mass or during reduction. Physical effort is supposed to help us, give joy in life and be a driving force to achieve life goals. The pursuit of a perfect figure for reduction often obscures the positive aspects of practicing sports and harms he alth. Because the attitude "the more the better" does not accelerate fat reduction! The exhausted and neglected body rebels, and the weight stands still.

Find out 8 mistakes that slow down reduction and learn how to prevent them.

Mistake1: Cutting Calories Too Much

When our goal is to reduce fat, we often come to the wrong conclusion thatonly by cutting off the calories in the diet will be satisfactory visual results. Nothing could be more wrong!The food we provide ourselves accelerates our metabolism, thanks to which we reduce fat faster.

Of course, to lose weight, you should be on a negative caloric balance, but NOTE - it does not mean that you have less calories in your diet. We can eat wisely, provide ourselves with wholesome meals, and if we train properly and boost the metabolism with the rightproducts, our balance will become negative.

Cutting calories too much will slow down fat reduction . The reason is not only slower metabolism. Insufficient caloric supply causes the body to tremendous stress, and the increased level of cortisol negatively affects building muscle mass and reducing fat.

It is also not difficult to damage the endocrine system, and women are especially exposed to it. Too little caloric supply disrupts the functioning of the entire body, and long-term starvation for reduction may cause irreversible, negative he alth effects for our hormonal economy.

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Mistake 2: Irregular meals and starvation

It is important to eat regularly during reduction and provide yourself with wholesome meals rich in such macronutrients as complex carbohydrates, protein, unsaturated fatty acids and fiber. As a rule, we train on reduction more often and more intensively, and during increased physical effort, the body loses valuable nutrients, such as B vitamins and fat-soluble vitamins: A, D, E.

You should eat a balanced diet in order not to ruin your he alth. If we want to effectively reduce fat, we should remember about regular meals.It is best to eat every 3 hours , because then we do not allow hunger pangs and slow down the metabolism.

In addition, when we do not eat regularly and starve ourselves, our body turns on an energy-saving mode and stores fat in our tissues. In order to maintain muscle mass and cause fat loss,to reduce, we must eat regularly and not starve ourselves .

Error 3: Insufficient water or incomplete irrigation

Adequate hydration of the body should be the basis of every training person, especially if its goal is reduction. Water is the transporter of the most important nutrients. It often happens that we forget about it. When we are on reduction, we lose a lot of water during intense strength and aerobic training.

Then we should remember about proper hydration during and after training.The optimal amount of water that we should provide ourselves during exercise is 0.5 liters , but it depends on the type and intensity of exercise.

It is worth remembering that the body uses about 1 liter of water per hour. And here comes another important issue, which is skillfulirrigation on reduction.Water should be drunk regularly, in small amounts and frequently . If we suddenly drink a bottle of water after training, we will not hydrate the body, but we will only put a lot of strain on our urinary system.

Before we start supplementing ourselves, it is worth starting to hydrate the body first, because if we do not drink enough water, our body will not properly absorb the nutrients and will not transport them to the muscles.


Mistake 4: Too Much Workout

When losing weight, it is advisable to increase the number of training units to accelerate the reduction of fat. Unfortunately, some interpret it too bluntly and greatly exaggerate with training, increasing their number to 6 or 7 a week! This puts an extremely heavy strain on our body, leaving permanent negative effects on our nervous system and basic body functions.

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Too many reduction training sessions may lead to our endocrine system ruin , which in turn will negatively affect metabolic processes, fat reduction and training effects. The overloaded body will not have the strength to regenerate, and our muscles are built during rest. In addition, too frequent reduction exercises may result in less effectiveness during training, because we may simply lack the strength to perform them correctly. It is much easier then to risk an injury.

By training too often, we disturb the proper functioning of the body, which has many he alth consequences, such as: stress, insomnia, adrenal gland diseases, problems with the thyroid gland, anemia. Balance and common sense are the most important things in achieving satisfactory training goals, even for reduction.

Mistake 5: focusing only on strength training

During the reduction, you should not give up strength training. On the contrary, they are absolutely desirable. It is recommended then to train as when building muscle mass, using heavy loads. The difference should be reducing the amount of rest between sets and increasing the number of isolated exercises.

During reduction, remember to move a lot and look for opportunities to move everywhere. Training only by strength may bring unsatisfactory slimming effects.

However, it is very important during the reductionto perform additional workouts that accelerate fat burning . Strength training itself is of course very beneficial as it turns it upmetabolism and builds muscle while reducing fat. Nevertheless, a very important element of reduction training is aerobic effort.

It is best to do aerobic exercise after strength training, because then the body will draw energy directly from free fatty acids . If we remember about strength training, additional aerobic or anaerobic exercise - in the form of intervals, will not cause loss of muscle mass, but only help in reducing fat.

Error 6: Too little sleep

Adequate sleep is the basis for reduction. Unfortunately, the enormous importance of sleep in the proper regeneration of the body is being underestimated more and more often. Opinions about how many hours of sleep an adult needs to sleep are divided. It has been assumed that it should be a minimum of7 hours , but it is highly individual, as each organism regenerates at a different pace.

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One of the more serious mistakes in the reduction period is also neglectingsleep hygiene . Already a few hours before going to bed, you should think about calming down your body and preparing it for rest. The room should be aired, make sure that it is dark enough. Before going to bed, drink lemon balm or other herbs that have a calming effect.

You should also not use electronic devices such as a telephone or a computer for too long. A calming bath, a good book and a meal eaten 2 hours before falling asleep will be good for a he althy sleep.

Unfortunately, during the reduction, many people forget or are not aware of the high value of sleep in the regeneration of the body. It is duringthat our cells are renewed, muscles are built and regenerated, and cells of the immune system are formed .

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Error 7: Bedtime binge

It happens that during the reduction we starve ourselves during the day, which results in a sudden, evening attack of appetite. Unfortunately, it has a detrimental effect on our figure.The last meal should be eaten two hours before going to bed . It is the optimal time for digesting food, which will not burden the stomach just before falling asleep, so we can sleep peacefully.

But that's not the only reason why we shouldn't eat later. In reducing fat it is very important not to overeat before going to bed. In the evening, the metabolism is much slower, and our body then prepares for a night's rest, so the digestive system does not absorb and metabolize food as well as duringon the day.

The last meal should consist of complex carbohydrates and an adequate amount of protein , with very little fat. This will provide the body with proper night regeneration and will not burden the stomach. In addition, thanks to carbohydrates, hormones needed at this time will be produced: tryptophan, serotonin and melanin, which make it easier to fall asleep.

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Mistake 8: Lack of relaxation and rest during the day

You need to reduce your sleep not only about a good night's sleep.Regeneration and rest during the day are also very important for our training effects and better fat reduction.During relaxation, our nervous system regenerates, and it is responsible for all reactions taking place in the body. How heavy we lift the weight and how fast we manage to run depends largely on our nervous system, because it is the transport of stimuli to the brain.

When reducing weight loss, we usually exercise harder, so rest during the day is necessary for proper functioning. You can relax in various ways: reading a book, watching a movie, taking a nap or listening to music. The idea is to just take a break from stress, racing thoughts, and heavy physical tasks. Even a dozen or so minutes a day of such regeneration will have a positive effect on the effects of training, and apart from the body, the head will also thank us for it.

Małgorzata Kośla fitness instructor, certified personal trainer, author of the blog

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