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The world's strangest allergies affect (thankfully) a handful of people. However, they are veeeeery problematic. Meet the world's strangest allergies.

Water allergy, i.e. water urticaria

You must have been allergic to the sun, right? Many people sneeze and have a rash after being exposed to the sun's rays. Weird? It's still nothing! Medicine is known to be allergic to water!

Theoretically - water is hypoallergenic in the sense that it has only two components and is present in our body. Well, a liquid consisting of oxygen and hydrogen is essential for our life. And as it turns out, there are some who are allergic!

The water we come in contact with is contaminated - it contains admixtures of various substances, and an allergic reaction can be triggered by even a microscopic dose of an allergen.

Symptoms of water allergy include reddening of the skin, rash and itching.

Pregnancy allergy

Very, very rarely, a woman's body rejects a fetus - an autoimmune disease called pregnancy pemphigus occurs, usually in the second or third trimester. Symptoms include blistering skin and persistent itching. The disease also increases the risk of miscarriage and premature birth.

An allergic reaction is triggered by the placenta, i.e. the barrier that separates the body of a woman from that of a child. Medicine knows such an allergy and knows the remedy - steroids are administered.

Allergy to technology

Seriously - some people feel bad about electromagnetic equipment, e.g. a telephone or a computer. This problem is called electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome (EHS) and affects only a few percent of people worldwide. The symptoms include allergic reactions, sudden fainting, as well as heart problems, difficulty breathing and headaches.

Scientific research suggests that an allergy to technology is psychological.

Allergic to sport

This is surprising, but it is - some people may be allergic to exercise, which is called anaphylaxis in professional terminology. Symptoms are typical for any allergy: hives, skin eruptions, respiratory problems, digestive problems and, in the most severe case, anaphylactic shock.

Allergy tosex

Maybe it's not strictly an allergy to sex, but a sperm allergy. This type of sensitization is known to allergists. After contact with semen, skin eruptions, body swelling and trouble breathing appear. In this case, it is necessary to use condoms. Unless, of course, there is a comorbid latex allergy …

Allergy to clothes

Contrary to appearances, it is a very common disease. People with this type of allergic reaction must use appropriate washing agents, as natural as possible. Unfortunately, the chemicals used in the production of clothing can also cause allergies. The most common allergies of this type are in footwear and underwear.

Jewelry allergy

Jewelry allergy usually affects cheap jewelry that contains nickel. Nickel is a metal that very often causes allergies, most often skin allergies. Symptoms will be reddened skin, hives, itching around worn jewelry.

If the skin in the area of ​​contact with jewelry turns dark green, it is very likely that it is the result of contact with this metal. However, the color itself is not a symptom of allergy. It's a natural oxidative reaction between the acid in the skin and the metal.

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