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G-POINT is a heavily innervated area on the front wall of the vagina that, when stimulated during sex, gives a woman an orgasm. But does every woman have a G-spot? Scientists argue about it. Recently, information has emerged that the famous G-spot, shrouded in mystery and legendary place of the highest female pleasure, does not exist.

Does the point G really exist?

Scientists from King's College in London, based on studies of over 900 pairs of British twins, have come to the conclusion that the G point does not exist. Studies have shown that for identical twins, who should have the same areas in their bodies, this was not the case at all. It was similar in pairs of fraternal twins.

This means, scientists argue, that the G point is pure fantasy, probably one of those to whom ladies are so eager to indulge themselves. And maliciously (because how else) they add that its discoverer, the German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg, either made some scientific abuse, or it was the women themselves who misled him. And they themselves came up with such a point, so that they could then remind their men that they therefore do not have an orgasm, because they cannot find a G-point in them …

Point G - what is it?

A German gynecologist over 30 years ago discovered that on the front wall of the vagina, approximately between a third and a half of its length (depth), there is a place that, when it is pressed, becomes a source of incredible pleasure. Its surface is not large, it is only about 1 cm square. You can feel it by inserting a finger into the vagina, pointing towards the front wall. This small space gives the impression that the crossed muscle fibers are resisting. The G-spot, according to Grafenberg, is the equivalent of the male prostate. And, like the prostate, it causes a sudden surge of sexual pleasure when stimulated.

But why does it work for some women, not for others? Why can some people feel the resistance of the crossed fibers in themselves and not others? Scientists haven't found out yet.

G-spot: tissue and embryo theory

The fact that the famous point G exists is supported by the discovery of the so-called Skene's periurethral glands.

There is an extremely sensitive tissue in the area where they are located, i.e. around the urethra, which reacts like the clitoris. And like a penis. So - during stimulation, it fills up with blood,swells, hardens. And only then is it perfectly felt through the anterior vaginal wall. This can explain the existence of item G.

Another theory, also the most scientific one - well, almost the entire vagina in the embryonic period was shaped from the so-called mesoderm, from which poorly innervated tissues are formed. The anterior wall of the vagina, on the other hand, at a depth of about 1/3 from the entrance, is shaped by an ectoderm that gives rise to well-innervated tissues. So, the matter may seem clear: it has to be it!

Meanwhile, British scientists oppose such theories, claiming that not every woman feels similar sensitivities in herself.

Point M or super M

There are also experts who see the source of the greatest female pleasure not at the questionable point G, but at … M. It is located just below the clitoris, above the urethra and is activated during the stimulation of the clitoris. On the other hand, in the cervical area there is to be the most sensitive of all female places - the super M point. But beware, this place is only accessible when the woman is already very excited.

The easiest way to find this point is when a couple makes love in a classic position. She should lift her legs high and pull them against her body while pulling her stomach in strongly. And then he enters it, and the tip of his penis aims exactly at this extraordinary point.

Men's pleasure points

There is so much talk about female points, and gentlemen are not worse either. And maybe they even have more of these lovely places.

Point P- also, similarly to women, is the famous point of the prostate. It can be stimulated by caressing the male perineum (the triangle between the base of the penis and the anus). And if you gently, slowly slide your finger into his bottom and bend it a little as if you were making a summoning motion, and then start to move it, he will go crazy with pleasure.

Point Ż- penis glans. Just squeeze it properly, and he will experience a blast orgasm.

Point W- frenulum, located in the lower part of the glans, very strongly innervated, because there are many nerve endings there.

Finally, point S- the seam visible in the very center of the scrotum. As a rule, it's a neglected part of the male anatomy, which is a pity, because as soon as you run your finger over it, it will explode.

So how is it really with these points? It is probably best to believe those sexologists who say that if there is no fire between two lovers, even if they had a thousand places of pleasure, it will not do much for them.

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