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A cracked condom is a real problem. What to do if a condom breaks? How to behave when it comes to this?

A cracked condom is a serious problem - it can mean you risk not only getting pregnant, but also contracting STDs.

What to do when a condom breaks?

First of all, stay calm. Intercourse should be discontinued and the man carefully withdrawn from the woman's vagina. The day of the woman's cycle does not matter - if a couple does not want to have a baby, they should go to a gynecologist for advice. A visit is also advisable if you have not ejaculated - the secreted pre-ejaculate also contains active sperm that can fertilize the woman.

Condoms are not a 100% preventive measure - they are 97% effective according to the Pearl Index, but improper use reduces the effectiveness of protection to 86%.

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Remember to check for STDs that you may have contracted during sex 14 days after a condom breaks.

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What to do if a condom breaks during oral intercourse?

It is recommended to stop intercourse and rinse your mouth with water. It is not recommended to brush your teeth as it may irritate or cause wounds, which are a great path to infection.

What to do if a condom breaks during anal intercourse?

Do not rinse the anus or wash it, as this may cause abrasions and wounds, which will only facilitate infection. It is best to "push" the semen out by pressing it on the stools.

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Why did the condom break?

There can be many reasons for a condom to break. First of all, it can be old, it could also be stored in too high temperature, carrying it in a wallet, long pressure on the condom (during storage), moistening the condom with an oil-based lubricant, too dry vagina. An incorrectly selected condom for the size of the penis is also responsible for breaking or sliding off a condom.

How to prevent a condom from breaking?

Remember that condoms also have an expiration date. They should be kept in their original conditionin the packaging, put on the penis when fully erect, in the case of vaginal dryness or anal intercourse, you must use lubricants intended for intimate close-ups. Also, be careful not to damage the condoms with a ring or fingernails.

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