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Sex in Spanish or the position "Spaniard" is a very sophisticated (and for some even perverse) form of sexual intercourse, which is recommended for couples who like to experiment. Spanish sex brings a whole new erotic sensation and can be a recipe for boredom in the bedroom. What does the item "Spaniard" look like and why is it worth introducing it to your ars amandi repertoire?

Spanish sexorSpanish sexraises a lot of controversy, and even accusations that it discriminates against women with small breasts. Because while in traditional vaginal intercourse the size of the breast does not matter, in Spanish sex, the abundant shape of the partner can deepen the sensations - especially of the partner.

This does not mean, however, that women with small breasts should give up this type of sex at all - there are several variants of "Spaniard" positions that are suitable for owners of smaller breasts.


  1. What is Spanish sex?
  2. What does the position "Spaniard" look like?
  3. Variants of the item "Spaniard"
  4. What is sex like in Spanish?
  5. Tips for before Spanish sex

What is Spanish sex?

Sex in Spanish is the term for intercourse intercourse. The man puts his penis between the woman's breasts and performs frictional movements.

This form of play assumes full domination of the partner - the man gets the greatest pleasure from intercourse, and the woman is the passive party. Nevertheless, many women like this form of intercourse very much, and the element of domination is exciting for them.

The degree of satisfaction derived from Spanish sex depends on the preferences of both partners, their mutual trust in each other and the need to experiment with sex. Since the "Spaniard" position is one of the less standard ones, it is better to agree on its course together (especially what its final will look like).

What does the position "Spaniard" look like?

Classic Spanish sex involves a woman lying on her back, her breasts clenched tightly, and her partner kneeling over her. Then she puts her penis between her breasts and starts moving rhythmically. The glans is directed towards the partner's face, so Spanish sex can be combined with oral caresses. Although the woman does notis directly stimulated, the man can use his hands to caress her nipples and even the clitoris and other erogenous zones around the perineum.

Variants of the item "Spaniard"

The classic "Spaniard" position is the most comfortable for ladies with large breasts. Then the easiest way to embrace the penis from all sides and guarantee the partner a deep experience. Women with less voluminous shapes can try other variants of this position where the breasts are more protruding and intercourse is easier.

Variant 1. Swap places

This partner lies on his back, and the woman bends over him and embraces the erected member with her breasts. In this position, the breasts are easier to collect and appear larger, so it's perfect for small breasts.

Variant 2. Spanish sitting sex

The man is sitting on the edge of the bed, and his partner is kneeling in front of him and in this position he puts his cock between his breasts.

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What is sex like in Spanish?

For men, this is a very exciting form of sex. Especially those gentlemen who like controlled domination will be satisfied. An additional advantage is the possibility of oral caressing the penis by the partner. From Spanish sex, you can switch to classic French sex at any time (especially when you choose the position where your partner is kneeling).

For women, sex in Spanish can be just as enjoyable, but it largely depends on their attitude. Some ladies do not accept this form of play because it implies complete submission. The partner's skills and whether he is able to delight his partner at the same time also matter. If she focuses only on her pleasure, the woman may not get any satisfaction from intercourse. Therefore, additional caresses of the breasts and erogenous places are recommended.

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Tips before Spanish sex

  • Before sex, it is definitely worth getting a lubricant to give the relationship a "slip" and not get chafing.
  • If you want to combine Spanish and French sex, it's best to choose a flavored lube.
  • In the classic "Spaniard" position, the partner can slip a pillow under her back to release the bust more firmly.
  • Because during the intercourse, the penis is pointed towards the partner's face, it is better to determine in advance whether you love this position until the end.

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