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Sex coach is a profession that is talked about more and more often. Poles are more willing than ever to talk about sex and their expectations and problems with it, hence the growing popularity of the sex coach. Read what this kind of work is all about: find out who he is and what a sex coach does and what is the difference between a sex coach and a sexologist.


  1. What does a sex coach do?
  2. Sex coach and sexologist

Sex coachis a profession that, contrary to appearances, is not so modern at all. The American Patti Britton, who has been working as a sex coach for over 35 years, is considered its precursor. The specialist has already educated hundreds of other specialists. In Poland, the name of the first sex coach belongs to Marta Niedźwiecka, who is also a psychologist and life coach.

What does a sex coach do?

Sex coach, as the name suggests, deals with broadly understood sex. However, he is not a psychotherapist - he will not investigate his client's past, he will try to find the source of his problems.

Sex coach helps here and now - a person who has experienced sexual abuse will not come to a sex coach (a psychotherapist or a sexologist can help here), but someone who wants to feel more pleasure during sex, diversify their sex life, fight your lack of desire for sex.

A sex coach is a person who (at least in theory) is open to what the client comes to her with. So he will listen to people who function, or would like to function, in a non-monogamous relationship (we are talking about polyamory, open relationship, swingers, among others). Couples in which one of the people is transgender or transgender singles can also seek support from a sex coach.

Sex coach helps his clients to improve their erotic life and overcome the related barriers.

Moreover, a sex coach is the right person for people who think about diversifying their sex life: for example, they want to try BDSM, anal sex or sex with more than one person. The sex coach is also visited by people whose specific situation life influences this sexual zone, e.g. a couple who have just met and are hungry for new things, a woman after childbirth who wants to improve the quality of her sex life, a single (and not only) looking for new -satisfactory - methods of masturbation. The sex coach can indicate new techniques that should be implemented in your sex life, suggest observing your own reactions during intercourse, but also masturbation. What works alone can be tried later in life with a partner. The English name of this profession, in which one of the elements is "coach", or "trainer", is not without right - a sex coach is a person who is such a trainer in matters of sex.Coach does not assess the sexual life of the client, recognizes his preferences, choices , does not impose his opinion or worldview. Of course, everything that the sex coach offers to clients has a theoretical dimension - they can accept it or not, nothing is ordered to them. The sex coach does not touch the client, he does not interact with him except verbal communication.

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The sex coach has clients, not patients

People who work as a sex coach often emphasize that they have clients, not patients. The difference is that the client is treated as a partnership. Unlike the patient, he doesn't come as a person with a disease or disorder.

Sex coach and sexologist

Sex coach is not a doctor or psychologist. It is a profession that (yet) is not included in the Polish classification of professions and speci alties. To become a sex coach, you do not need to complete any specialized studies, most often people who work as sex coaches have various types of certificates, diplomas, obtained at workshops and trainings. Therefore, before choosing a specialist, it is worth checking what education / experience a given person has.

A sexologist is a person after medical studies, to whom people with diseases and disorders related to the sexuality zone go. Of course, it may happen that a sex coach has a medical education or is a psychologist or therapist, but it is not a requirement.

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