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The age of the fetus and the probable date of delivery are usually calculated from the time of the last menstruation (the so-called Naegele's rule). However, in this case it is not the actual age of the unborn child. Correctly, the age of the fetus is calculated from the moment of conception, which is often difficult to determine. However, there is a way. Check how to calculate the age of the fetus.

The age of the fetusshould be calculated from the moment of conception, which unfortunately is often difficult to determine, especially in women who have irregular periods.

A gynecologist can help you, who can calculate the age of the fetus, and thus the likely date of delivery, on the basis of an ultrasound examination (USG). Imaging usually measures the age of the fetus.

Fetal age - how to calculate it?

In the first trimester of pregnancy, the length of the parietal-seat, abbreviated as CRL, is measured. In the second and third trimesters, the fetal age can be calculated based on the measurement of the head (BPD and HC), abdominal circumference (AC) and femur length (FL).

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It should be noted that the longer the pregnancy lasts, the greater the discrepancy (even 3-4 weeks) between the age of the fetus and the date of delivery calculated from the moment of the last menstruation.

Fetal age - when was conception?

If you have a guess when conception could have taken place, the probable age of the fetus and the due date can be calculated as follows: subtract 7 days from conception. Then subtract 3 months from the received date. Then 1 year should be added to the received date.

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Remember that a baby is born very rarely on the due date. It can be born a week before or a week after its due date and this is not a problem.

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Fetal age and pregnancy age

Pregnancy begins as soon as the egg is fertilized. If the duration of pregnancy from conception is counted, the pregnancy lasts approximately 267 days, or 38 weeks. However, hardly any woman is able to accurately determine when conception was achieved, but usually knows the date of the last menstruation.

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What you want to know:

For this reason, when counting the age of pregnancy, the date of the last menstruation is taken as its beginning. This is the most popular method of calculating the age of pregnancy and is known as the Naegele Rule.

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Then it is assumed that the duration of pregnancy is 281 days or 40 weeks. However, according to these calculations, pregnancy begins two weeks before conception.

Hence, the age of pregnancy is significantly different from that of the fetus, which is counted from the date of conception.

Please note that the stated duration of pregnancy is true for women who have regular periods every 28 days. For other women it has to be calculated individually.

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