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Testicular kick in terms of the pain scale is compared to the pain women experience during childbirth without anesthesia. Whether this is actually the case is not known, since no one has examined the pain sensations in both situations. Each of us has a different pain threshold, we endure it differently. Undoubtedly, however, the kick to the testicles causes a man such enormous pain that some people lose consciousness. What are the consequences of a testicular injury?


  1. Testicular trauma - why does it hurt so much?
  2. Testicular trauma - how to relieve pain?
  3. Testicular Injury - Types of Injury, Consequences
  4. Testicular Injury - Diagnostics
  5. Testicular trauma - treatment

Testicular injuriesand scrotum mainly affect young men. They are the result of injuries sustained while working in agriculture and industry, as a result of sports activities and beatings. In general, testicular injuries affect men between the ages of 15 and 40, which is mainly related to professional activity and sometimes adolescent bravado.

Due to the layered structure of the testicles, the effects of an injury may be very minor, but may also result in the loss of the testicle. Depending on the type of injury, proper diagnosis and treatment are needed.

Testicular trauma - why does it hurt so much?

Testicles are paired organs classified as male internal sexual organs. Together with the epididymides adjacent to their rear edges, they lie in the scrotum. The left testicle is larger and is generally slightly lower than the right testicle. Two parts can be distinguished in the structure of the nucleus. The first is the testicle parenchyma, the second is the whitish membrane surrounding it. The whitish membrane is a highly innervated structure and therefore very sensitive. Each of the testicles is covered with sheaths. They are the equivalent of the layers of the anterior abdominal wall.

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Male testicles are formed in the abdominal cavity, and more precisely in the area of ​​the stomach. As the fetus grows, they shift their position and end up in the scrotum. However, the nerves are still attached to the area where they were formed. That's why a blow to the testicles hurts so much. The pain caused by the kick is spreading all over the lower abdomen.

Information about a testicular injury reaches the brain at a speed close to 300 km / h. The brain must act on such a signal. The brain reactsmulti-track. First of all, we get a sudden injection of endorphins, a natural painkiller. But a sudden increase in happiness hormones causes a drop in oxygen.

This can lead to severe headache or vomiting following the injury. Sometimes pain from the testicles activates the areas of the brain that produce tears. Another center that responds to severe pain is the middle ear, the reaction of which can cause nausea and even vomiting.

The appearance of severe pain for the brain, on the one hand, informs that an injury has occurred and the unpleasant sensation needs to be alleviated, and on the other hand, that it is important to remember the event. This is why, for example, after kicking the testicles, we instinctively grab our stomach, bend it in half or curl in a fetal position.

The activity of the abdominal nerves, initiated by pain, causes the heart rate and body temperature to increase, and we start to sweat.

Testicular trauma - how to relieve pain?

Injury to the testicles is an extremely painful experience. However, there are ways to ease your suffering a bit.

The first thing you should do is lie down to naturally calm the blood circulation. In the supine position, it is also easier to wait out the headache, which can be very strong. When you quiet down your middle ear activity, the nausea will also disappear.

It will also help to cool the sore spot. When you get home, take off your clothes and underwear and apply a cold water compress to the perineum.

If the pain persists, a visit to the urologist is necessary. In severe cases, it is best to go to the hospital.

Testicular Injury - Types of Injury, Consequences

Open or closed injuries may occur in the testicles and scrotum. We deal with open ones when the skin of the scrotum is broken. In the case of damage to the scrotum itself, a skin defect occurs most often. As for the nucleus, it can break, tear or split up.

A testicular contusion may be complicated by hematoma formation, but it is also possible to develop a testicle without developing a testicular hematoma. The essence of the rupture of the nucleus is breaking the continuity of the albacore.

The fragmentation of the testicle is the most severe and dangerous possible injury in this area of ​​the body. As a result of trauma, a traumatic amputation of the testicle or both testicles may also occur at the same time.

It should be remembered that pain in the scrotum area, even after minor trauma, may suggest testicular torsion, which is a very serious condition, so in such a situation you should immediately consult a doctor.

Testicular Injury - Diagnostics

During the first visit to the doctor due to a testicular injury, the doctor collects a detailed interview from the patient. Then he examines the entire perineum and the genitals by palpation. If the testicular injuries are isolated, i.e. the patient does not have any other life-threatening injuries, imaging tests of the testicles are performed, i.e. ultrasound of the testicles.

Thanks to the examination, the doctor can assess the condition of the anatomical structures of the organs. An important element in the diagnosis of a victim with testicular trauma is also checking the organ's blood supply. For this purpose, Doppler ultrasound is used.

In some cases it may be necessary to perform other imaging examinations, for example computed tomography of the pelvis.

Testicular trauma - treatment

Treatment always depends on the type of injury. In the case of skin defects in the scrotum, it is possible to cover them with skin grafts from the perineum or thigh area. If the entire skin of the scrotum has been lost, the testicles can be sewn under the skin of the groin.

In the case of testes, non-surgical treatment is possible only when the trauma involves contusion of the testicle without the formation of a hematoma. In any other situation, it is necessary to undertake timely surgical intervention. If we are dealing only with a hematoma, it should be decolourised and, after checking the testicles, the procedure should be completed.

If the casing is torn, sew it. The fragmentation of the nucleus makes it impossible to save it, and the only procedure is then to amputate the nucleus.

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