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Demodex is a microscopic arachnid that inhabits the area around the eyelashes and eyelids of most adults. The ailments caused by this parasite are sometimes confused with symptoms of other skin and eye diseases, as well as with allergic reactions. But Demodex occurs not only around the eyes. Where else can you find it?

Itching of the edges of the eyelids, a feeling of dryness or burning in the eyes, recurring chalazions, barley, and even the feeling that something is piercing the skin of the eyelids - these are the effects of the activity of Demodex. The disease it causes - demodicosis or demodecosis - is treated for months. But does it only affect the eye area?

Does the boredom attack only the eye area?

Doctor Mariusz Rowiński - an expert and specialist who treats demodicosis patients on a daily basis in the Eye Laser Microsurgery Center in Warsaw - talks about other areas of the human body where this parasite can be found:

Demodex can also be responsible for skin changes associated with rosacea at the moment. The diagnosis is similar to the diagnosis of the eyelashes. It comes down to collecting skin scrapings from a place suspected of having Demodex using a special technique called the cellophane technique. It consists in sticking a special plaster to the place suspected of having Demodex, having previously touched the epithelium, and evaluating the preparation in a microscope.

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