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Pinworms in adults are not uncommon - statistics say that about 20 percent of adults and almost 40 percent of children may have the problem. Teachers, employees of hospital children's wards, classroom cleaners, cleaners and, of course, parents of children in preschool and early school age are particularly exposed to pinworms. Learn more about pinworm symptoms and treatments.

Sheep: what is this?

Oatis very contagious, so it's no wonder thatpinwormsappear so often in adults.Pinwormsenter the body through the alimentary tract with food - we carry them from dirty hands (which makes it easier to bite nails, lick fingers) or by inhaling eggs, which then flow down with saliva to further parts of the digestive system .

Pinworms in adults: symptoms

Symptoms of pinwormsare:

  • itching of the anus and the surrounding area, intensifying in the evening
  • redness in the anus
  • restlessness and motor violence
  • teeth grinding
  • nail biting
  • problems with concentration
  • sleep problems and insomnia
  • headache
  • permanent weakness
  • lack of appetite
  • nausea and stomach aches
  • anemia
  • dark circles under the eyes
  • acne in the anal area
  • inflammatory changes in the genital tract (ifpinwormspenetrate the vulva and vagina)

Pinworms in adults: diagnosis

Usually no specialized tests are needed -pinwormscan be observed "with the naked eye". The so-called strip test. The so-called perianal swab, which may contain pinworm eggs.

Pinworms in adults: treatment

The rule is that everyone in the home must undergo treatment. Depending on the preparation, the treatment is repeated after 7, 15 or 20 days. After that, the swab is usually done again. When only itching bothers you, wash yourself with water and intimate hygiene wash and apply some sudocrem on the dry skin.

When it is inflamed, do not use soap as it irritates, but use chamomile or oak bark infusion. After that, do not rub the skin, just dry it gently. You can use a powder backfill.

In the family menu, you need to increase the amount of fiber-rich foods, i.e. vegetables and fruits. Regularbowel movements will allow you to get rid of pinworms and their larvae faster.

Important for pinworms
  • children should not sleep with adults
  • we change our underwear every day
  • we cook nightwear every day
  • We cook and iron kitchen towels and cloths every day
  • furniture and floor are wiped thoroughly wet, and after each cleaning, boil a cloth

Check what the human pinworm looks like

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