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Barley on the eye can be troublesome. Home remedies for barley can be the fastest solution when we cannot see an ophthalmologist immediately. The home remedies are primarily designed to warm the lesion on the eye in order to accelerate its rupture.

Home remedies for barleyraise a lot of controversy, but many think they work, and most doctors believe, even if they don't help, they don't hurt either. But let's start with what isbarley on the eye ?

Barley on the eye - what is it? Inner and outer barley

External barley is an inflammation of the parietal eyelid glands(Zeiss or Molla) - purulent discharge usually flows down the eyelashes by itself. In the case of internal barley we are dealing with inflammation of the meibomian thyroid glands, which means that surgical intervention is more often required.

It should be remembered that in some patient groups there is a tendency to relapse - e.g. children have a frequent tendency tobarley on the eye.

Barley on the eye - reasons

The most commonbarleyis caused by staph bacteria ( Staphylococcus aureus ).

Factors influencing the formation of barley:

  • badly suited make-up removal cosmetics,
  • careless makeup removal,
  • old age,
  • light skin,
  • wearing contact lenses,
  • eye allergies or poorly corrected vision defects,
  • seborrheic dermatitis or rosacea.

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Ifbarleyoccurs frequently and abundantly, it may indicate decompensated or untreated diabetes. Also note that untreatedeye barleycan turn into a chalazion.

Barley on the eye - symptoms

Barley symptomsare quite characteristic:

  • swelling, pain and redness of the eyelid rim
  • purulent discharge that comes out along the eyelashes (outer barley), but sometimes inward, under the eyelid (inner barley)
  • tearing
  • photophobia

Barleyis in other words an abscess caused by bacteria that enter the mucosa, e.g. by rubbing the eyeliddirty hands. Also, being in the fumes of cigarette smoke and chemicals increases the risk ofbarley . Similarly to improper make-up removal - if we do not carefully remove the cosmetics, the sebaceous gland may become clogged and, consequently, become inflamed.

Symptomsbarleythis is very common, even before the lump appears, itching and burning of the eyelid.

Barley on the eye - treatment

First of all, never squeezebarley . Ripe barley has a distinct yellow tip, however, in no way should it break. Ripe barley will burst by itself - this is when pus comes out of it and the wound heals after a few days. Breakage can be accelerated by applying ointments or by applying warm compresses.

With frequent recurring barley, you need to see an ophthalmologist.

It is also necessary to culture the secretion to identify the bacteria causing the disease and choose the appropriate antibiotic.

Culture (microbiological test) - what is it? Indications for culture

Home remedies for barley - wraps

  • rubbing with a golden ring - disinfect the ring, warm it up by rubbing it on a clean cloth, then put it on the closed eyelid and gently massage the barley.
  • warm egg wrap - boil a hard-boiled egg, warm (without peeling!) Wrap it in a tissue and put it against the closed eyelid
  • green tea wrap - brew tea in a sachet, drain the hot sachet thoroughly and put it on the barley

The basic assumption of home remedies is to warm up the lesion in the eye, which leads to faster barley breakage.

Home remedies for barley - herbs

Some people recommend warm compresses made of herbal infusions - you can use parsley leaves, calendula or chamomile flowers, raspberry leaves or firefly herb.

How to prepare such a brew?

2 teaspoons of herbs pour boiling water, steep covered for 5-10 minutes, then strain, then soak a cotton pad in a warm infusion, squeeze thoroughly and put on the closed eyelid - repeat the activity 3-4 times a day for a few days.

It is also recommended to drink a dandelion infusion twice a day. A teaspoon of herbs is poured into a glass and steamed for 5 minutes, covered. Dandelion helps remove the purulent bacteria from the body that cause barley on the eye.

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