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Yellow tufts (yellows) are lumpy skin lesions that most often appear on the skin of the eyelids. For most people, jaundice is only an aesthetic problem, but doctors are alarming - yellow tufts may indicate an increased level of the so-called bad LDL cholesterol, which can lead to atherosclerosis, and thus - a heart attack.

Yellow tufts , otherwiseyellows,are deposits of cholesterol or fatty bodies, which are most often located around the eyelids. Their presence should be an indication to see a doctor as soon as possible, because yellow tufts may indicate an increased level of "bad" cholesterol in the blood, and thus - not yet noticeable problems with the circulatory system.

Yellow tufts - causes

Yellow tufts most often appear in the course of hyperlipoproteinemia - a state of increased concentration of lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides, phospholipids) in the blood ( although they can also appear in people without any general diseases and with normal fat metabolism). Yellow tufts most often accompany atherosclerosis, diabetes, kidney diseases, gastrointestinal obstruction or liver diseases.

Yellow tufts - symptoms

Yellow tufts are yellow or brown skin patches, varying in size, slightly raised above the skin, and resemble a volcano crater.

Yellow tufts can be located in various places of the body, e.g. buttocks, back or limbs. They are the so-calledseed tufts, disseminated , which are most often found in children.

Tufts can also cover tendons, especially the Achilles tendon - the so-calledyellow tufts of tendons , as well as joints, e.g. knee or elbow (the so-calledyellow nodular tufts- often large tumors placed symmetrically over the joints).

Clumps may also appear on the surface of the hand - these arelinear yellow tufts of hands , i.e. yellowish discoloration with a linear pattern. However, the most common yellow tufts are deposited symmetrically in the shape of butterfly wings in the inner parts of the eyelids.


Yellow tufts may herald a heart attack

According to Danish scientists, whose research results were published in the "British Medical Journal", people with yellow spots on the eyelids , are down 48 percent. more prone to heart attacks.

Danish cardiologists from the Herlev hospital began their research in the 1970s. Over 12.7 thousand people participated in them. people, of which 4.4 percent. at first it had yellow tufts around the inner corner of the eye. After 33 years, 1,872 patients had a heart attack, 3,699 were diagnosed with heart disease, and 8,507 died. Scientists found that the subjects who developed yellow spots were 48 percent. more exposed to a heart attack and 39 percent. for heart disease. In this group, it was also noticed by 14 percent. higher risk of death.

Yellow tufts - diagnostics

After examining the changes and determining their location, the doctor should check the level of lipids in the blood serum.

Yellow tufts - treatment and removal

The treatment of the underlying condition that resulted in the formation of tufts may lead to the disappearance of the patches. In the case of larger lesions, surgicalremoval of yellow tuftsor laser therapy is recommended.

In addition to local treatment, it is very important to implement a low-fat diet and to use hypolipemic drugs that lower the concentration of cholesterol or triglycerides in the blood serum, depending on the form of hyperlipoproteinemia. As a result, the number of recurrences of yellow tufts is reduced.


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