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Dark circles or dark circles under the eyes may be a symptom of an illness. According to internal medicine specialists, dark circles under the eyes are usually the result of lack of sleep and fatigue and disappear with lifestyle changes. However, if the darker color of the skin under the eyes lasts longer or intensifies, and is accompanied by other ailments, such as headaches or pollakiuria, it may be a sign of a serious illness.

Dark circles under the eyesshould worry us when they are not a symptom of lack of sleep or fatigue. Because they are usually a symptom of poor sleep quality, or a consequence of the aging process of the skin, which causes the skin under the eyes to become increasingly thinner, therefore all veins and vessels responsible for the color of the shadows are more visible.

Bruising under the eyes can also occur as a result of smoking, dehydration, stress, exposure to the sun, drinking alcohol, caffeine and taking certain medications (e.g. birth control pills). It happens that the dark circles under the eyes are genetically determined. Dark circles under the eyes may also be a symptom of an allergic reaction, e.g. to cosmetics ingredients, animal hair or mite faeces living in the dust.

However, if you do not associate the shadows under your eyes with anything specific, they appeared suddenly and there are no "home methods" to eliminate them, then they may be a signal of a serious illness.

Dark circles under the eyes - diseases

  • Hypothyroidism-Hypothyroidism can cause complex sugar molecules to penetrate the skin of the face, leading to swelling and discoloration around the eyes;
  • Dermatomyositis - increased swelling and violet erythema in the area of ​​the eye sockets (the so-called pseudo-glasses) may be a sign of loss of collagen in the skin and other tissues. It is a pathognomonic symptom, i.e. specific for this disease;
  • Allergic rhinitis-darker color of the skin under the eyes, the so-calledallergic shadows , indicates chronic congestion of the mucosa of the paranasal sinuses. The cause of bruises is chronic venous blood stasis caused by swelling of the sinus mucosa;
  • Allergic conjunctivitis causes, in addition to bruising underin the eyes, there is also swelling of the eyelids and conjunctival redness;
  • Atopic dermatitis-pathological dark circles around the eyes accompany puffy eyelids and facial erythema;
  • Dehydration or malnutrition-dark circles under the eyes may suggest a deficiency of electrolytes in the body, as well as iron, vitamin K;
  • Anemia-in the case of anemia (which may be a late symptom of malnutrition), dark circles under the eyes accompany symptoms such as weakness, concentration and attention disorders, headache and dizziness, tachycardia (increased heart rate), pale skin and mucous membranes;
  • Diseases of the liver, kidneys and spleen-A poorly functioning urinary system causes, among others, pain in the lumbar region and pollakiuria. In turn, the symptoms of liver or spleen failure are, among others, stomach pain and loss of appetite. All symptoms are also accompanied by bruises and slight swelling around the eyes;
  • Diabetes-in addition to shadows there are also: increased thirst, weakness, pollakiuria, weight loss;
  • Parasites-if in addition to the shadows under the eyes there are abdominal pain, weakness, weight loss, you may suspect that the cause of these ailments are parasites, e.g. pinworms;
  • Hypertension-blue skin under the eyes, headaches, palpitations, insomnia are symptoms characteristic of hypertension.

Can dark circles under the eyes be a sign of illness? Explains the dermatologist Łukasz Preibisz

Dark circles under the eyes - how to help yourself?

The body shows us that something is wrong - lack of sleep and fatigue also translate into our he alth. A tired body is more prone to infections, immunity decreases, and an improper diet can cause not only excess weight, but also diabetes. Therefore, when dark circles appear under the eyes, the first thing to do is to rest: get enough sleep, change your lifestyle to a he althier one, ensure adequate hydration, a little exercise and a he althy diet rich in vegetables and fruits.

Blood tests should also be performed - that is, a complete blood count and urine test. And go to the doctor with them, who should also be told about all other ailments.

Dark circles under the eyes - home remedies

In order to eliminate dark circles under the eyes, you can perform some treatments yourself at home. The home remedies include cold compresses, cucumber slice compresses, tea compresses, and massage of the eye area.

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