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A few days after birth, your baby will have his first major journey - home from the hospital. The matter is simple, if you return from the hospital by car - the baby must travel in a special seat. What if you don't have a car? How to safely bring a child home?

The child must travel in a specialchild seat , this is a matter of safety, otherwise it is prescribed by the road traffic law and there are no exceptions to this rule.The newborn babycannot be held in your arms, even if you are strapped on. In the event of heavy braking, , the childmay fall out of your hands and fly forward. It is also absolutely forbidden to fasten it with belts to you - in the event of an accident, you can crush the child.

Returning home with the newborn

What to do if you don't have a car? Returning by bus or walking through the city is a bad idea due to germs, noise and exhaust fumes. You, too, should not strain yourself right after giving birth. Taxi? Again, regulations require newborns to travel in a car seat, and it is difficult to find a corporation that has them on hand. Maybe you can borrow it - ask your friends, post an advertisement on the internet forum for young mothers. Also consider buying it. This is a good idea, because such a seat serves as a baby carrier and a comfortable recliner for a toddler for at least a year. It is also useful when your toddler gets sick and you need to take a taxi to the clinic.

  • Don't come back from the hospital alone. Get help from your husband, mother or friend.
  • Under no circumstances do not drive a car - you are still too weak for that.
  • Plan your return off-peak so you don't get stuck in traffic.
  • Take a nappy to your car, wet wipes and - if you are not breastfeeding - baby food (you should get them at the hospital).

How to choose the perfect car seat?

  • The seat must meet the standards set out in Regulation No. 44 of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (then it has ECE R44-03 approval), and also have a "B" sign in the manual or on the frame - a guarantee of safety.
  • Please note the size. There are two types of car seats for the smallest children - group 0 (up to 10 kg, for toddlers up to 6-9 months) and 0+ (for children up to 13 kg and 12-15 months).life).
  • Don't buy hastily - check at least five or six models before you make up your mind. Make sure that the one you choose fits your car and its installation is easy.
  • Think about how often you will use it. If you need to take it out of your car several times a day, better buy a lighter model.
  • Car seats with a plastic base, i.e. a strong base, are very practical. It is permanently installed in the car, and then only plugged into the seat.
  • The pads on the belts are useful, thanks to which the belts do not rub the skin, and the visor protects against the sun.

Newborn safe seat

It's good to make the newborn's seat as flat as possible, because the toddler should not travel in a reclining position, which puts a lot of strain on the delicate spine. There are special folding seats for babies, but it is difficult to buy them in Poland (only some stores can buy them). To bring a newborn from the hospital, you can use an ordinary baby seat and the so-called reduction insert, thanks to which the head does not fly sideways to the baby. If the child is very bent in the seat, it is worth placing a soft pillow under its bottom to reduce the depth of the seat a little. The reduction insert can be purchased separately, but some car seats are immediately equipped with it. Such models are the best for newborns, because then the depth and width of the seat are adapted to the sizes of the youngest passengers. When the child grows up, the insert can be removed. Remember that regardless of the model, the seat must be fastened with the seat belts and the child must be fastened with the seat belts. The newborn can also be transported on the back seat in the pram of the stroller - of course, if it is not permanently attached to the frame, and inside it has a special, wide belt with which we securely fasten the child. The seat is placed on the rear seat, necessarily facing the direction of travel, because this position is the safest in the event of an accident. It is absolutely forbidden to carry a child in a car seat on the front seat of a car that has an airbag for the passenger installed.

Note: the gondola must also be attached to the seat - either with car straps threaded through the side handles or with a special fastening system (available at children's stores).

Used car seats

This is a good solution if you are confident about the car seat's past. It must be in perfect condition. Even small damage reduces the guarantee of its safety, so before you decide to buy a used seat:

  • exactly itwatch; not all defects are visible on the outside, so remove the cover and check if the casing is not cracked
  • make sure the seat has an instruction manual and is complete, so with all the straps and fastenings
  • check the condition of the seat belt fastening system; do not buy a seat where the length of the straps cannot be adjusted.
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