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Autogenic training is an exercise system developed in the first half of the 20th century by Johannes Schultz. This practice balances the energy of the body and mind. Thanks to the elements of self-suggestion, you can influence your body and consciously induce a state of peace, relaxation and relaxation. Do you want to try? Listen to Schultz's autogenic training on mp3.

BeginningAutogenic WorkoutLie down on your back, comfortably and still. Take off the items that are pressing on you: belt from your trousers, watch, shoes. The room should be warm and quiet. Close your eyes. Focus your attention on yourself, try to forget about the world around you. Take a few deep but natural breaths. Inhale and exhale through your nose, watching for air as it flows in and out. For example, you can imagine a gentle breeze blowing through your nostrils into your head or feel its coolness on the tip of your nose. If your mind wanders, don't get discouraged, just take it easy and gently bring it back to the breath. After a few minutes, start an Autogenic Workout.

NEW! Relax while listening to the recording of Schultz's entire autogenic training (mp3):

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Autogenic Schultz training: exercises

  • In your mind, give yourself the following commands: "I feel peace overwhelming me. I begin to relax. I focus my attention on myself, I enjoy the silence." Internally "I smile.
  • Shift your attention to your right hand and say to yourself, "My right hand is pleasantly heavy. It's getting heavier, I can't move it anymore. It's pleasantly warm and relaxed." You can repeat the suggestion several times until you feel that the hand really is relaxed and inert. Make your thoughts friendly but firm.
  • Shift your attention to your left hand and repeat the process. Relax your whole body this way: arms, legs, abdomen, neck, facial muscles, head, shoulders, pelvis.
  • Once you have relaxed all parts of your body, try to calm your mind. Say to yourself, "When I inhale the air, I am filled with warmth and joy. When I exhale - I open my heart and mind, feelings and thoughts flow freely, I am filled with inner harmony and peace. My mind is calm and calm, noI think about what surrounds me. I'm in a safe harbor, I have a nice feeling of being in suspension, but I don't have to put much effort into it, it just happens. "
  • When you relax, sit for a few minutes trying not to think about anything, feel that your body and mind are one. Remember this feeling.
  • Before you open your eyes, say to yourself: "I am rested and regenerated. I feel the life energy begin to circulate within me, flowing through my arms, arms, legs, stomach. My body is alive. , full of vigor, joyful. I feel full of energy, I am ready to act ".
  • Stretch, move your limbs lazily. Open your eyes and slowly stand up.
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Our advice:

You can use other words. Adapt the exercise to your needs. The most important thing is to get into a relaxed state without any compulsion. To feel the effects, you need to be systematic. Take 10-20 minutes to relax every day. In the beginning, you will learn to relax your body. But over time, as you get into practice, you can go further: soothe your mind and heart, create sensations of warmth throughout your body and around the solar plexus, and invigorating coolness around your forehead.

Self-suggestion, exercising your imagination and recalling images and scenes that you enjoy has great relaxing power. With the power of your imagination, evoke the atmosphere and beauty of the place where you can relax the best, and you will feel peace and be filled with energy for the whole day. Self-suggestion will give you true relaxation in paradise!

Autosugestiawill help you relax. A shorttrainingis enough to easily forget about everyday stress …

Relaxation and self-suggestion: step-by-step training

  • Imagine a place where you can have the best rest. It can be, for example, the garden of your grandmother remembered in childhood, or an unreal fairy-tale place or a mixture of memories and dreams. It is important that it is beautiful and that you want to be there.
  • Imagine you are in this place. Take a look around. See every detail of the environment - shapes, colors, textures of objects, plants.
  • Bring this vision to life with all your senses: imagine the sounds that surround you, feel the air temperature and wind on your skin, smell the sand under your fingers and the moisture of the grass. Hear the rustling of leaves, the sound of the sea, the singing of birds. Make the vision so vivid it is almost real.
  • Rest in the paradise you created. Feel relax and unwind. Imagine being filled with peace, energy, harmony and freshness. Feel that your body is he althy, beautiful,excellent. Finally, dissolve the vision inside you.
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Our advice

Try to keep the atmosphere and beauty of your dream place, imagine that its peace and power remained in you. Let this vision inspire you in your daily life.

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