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Choleryk - who is he? This is definitely a temperament that is basically impossible to miss. Choleric likes to convince others that he is right, loves to lead a group, and it is not difficult for him to expose himself and feel his anger. Find out what other features of a choleric, check how choleric functions at work or in a relationship, and finally take the test that will tell you if you are choleric, or if your temperament is completely different.


  1. Choleryk: who is he?
  2. Choleric: what are the features
  3. Choleric: how does it function at work?
  4. Are you a choleric? Test

Cholericis one of the four types of temperament, distinguished already in the 5th century BC by Hippocrates. He mentioned a reflective melancholic, a well-balanced sanguine or a phlegmatic who appreciates peace. The fourth temperament, however, is the easiest one to recognize - we are talking about choleric here.

According to Hippocrates, the human temperament would primarily be determined by the type of liquid that dominates the human body. In the case of cholera, this liquid would be bile. Nowadays, of course, it is not taken into account that a person's temperament would be determined by some liquid - after all, all people are simply dominated by blood - however, the Hippocratic theory of temperaments is still very applicable.

Choleryk: who is he?

One word should be associated with choleric: domination. He loves power, and in fact, in all aspects of life: the choleric is a leader at home, as well as at social meetings or at work. It can be said that he is literally the epitome of self-confidence - hardly anyone, like a choleric, is able to present his arguments to others and then defend his opinion.

However, this cannot be treated as overconfidence or a defect - the belief in a sense of high value is accompanied by ambition. Choleric is still striving to meet his goals, and at the same time he is looking for new heights to conquer - laziness is a term definitely alien to him. Choleric certainly doesn't like stagnation. He feels best when his life is in full swing and constantly appear beforebefore some new tasks. He is not afraid of changes or challenges - as a person deeply convinced of his own worth, he has no concerns about whether he will meet any difficult challenges.

Choleric: what are his features?

Choleric in his life primarily works - certainly in many aspects of life it brings many benefits, but in some others it becomes quite problematic. It is relatively common for a cholera to speak first and then think.

This may lead to various conflicts, and this is due to the fact that people with this temperament are very emotional. Various emotions are experienced by choleric people very intensely and just as the ecstatic experience of joyful moments does not lead to any difficulties, even when the choleric feels anger, various problems may arise.

One of the traits that may be considered a defect of choleric is his impulsiveness and tendency to get angry. It is not difficult to throw a person with this temperament out of balance - it is enough to disagree with their views or do not act in the way that a choleric would expect.

During an attack of anger, a choleric rather fails to control the emotions he experiences - he may say words that are very harmful to people close to him. After soothing the nerves, the choleric usually realizes that he definitely exaggerated - however, it is hard to count on apologies from him, because their application to the injured person hinders the feeling of pride that characterizes choleric.

The feeling of pride and self-confidence is associated with one more feature of cholericism - a heavy reaction to criticism. He hates when he is wrong, and he finds it difficult to endure failure. The aforementioned outbursts of anger may appear in choleric people, incl. when someone reminds them of their failures or points out to them their own mistakes.

Choleric: how does it function at work?

A boss who has a tendency to get angry is theoretically rather hard to consider him the ideal supervisor. The truth is, however, that choleric at work is even perfect in managerial positions. His attitude usually arouses the respect of his superiors, and in addition, he can perfectly divide the work between team members in such a way that the final project is almost perfectly successful. At the same time, it should be emphasized that the choleric has no tendency to delegate his duties to others - yes, he directs high expectations towards his employees, but at the same time he requires a lot from himself and definitely does not shy away from his work.

In general, we can say thatCholeric will be great at competitions where he will be the manager. An ideal place to work for him is one where he will be constantly in contact with new tasks. For this reason, the choleric will be a good manager in an advertising agency, but he will most likely successfully direct the activities of the sales or marketing department in a company, and will successfully hold the position of a doctor in charge of the department.

Certain positions should definitely not be taken by a choleric. Monotonous work, consisting in performing the same tasks all the time (e.g. deleting products in a grocery store, lining goods or entering data into spreadsheets) will definitely not suit choleric people. The monotony will quickly lead to the feeling of burnout but also frustration.

Are you a choleric? Test

By taking the time to answer the following questions, you can find out what your temperament is - whether it corresponds to a choleric, or maybe you are dominated by features that are characteristic of a completely different temperament.

1. Friday night, a social gathering where the other half took you. It just so happens that you basically don't know any of the guests - how are you acting?

a)I am completely calm, and my behavior can be described as balanced - neither hide in a corner, nor stubbornly entertaining other guests with some anecdotes;

b)I feel like a fish in the water - after a few moments I manage to dominate the whole party and start to control the topics discussed during the talks;

c)I keep to the side because of fear that someone in society will not like me.

2. When looking for a job, it is most important for you to:

a)the scope of duties was clear and relatively constant - you do not necessarily tolerate a situation when you are constantly faced with new challenges;

b)there was no boredom at work - you like it when you have the opportunity to face new responsibilities on a regular basis;

c)the duties were similar to those placed in front of you in your previous workplace - you are afraid that you may not be able to cope with other obligations.

3. Everyone gets on their nerves sometimes - how is it with you?

a)I have very rare outbursts of anger - I rather keep my nerves in check, some people even say that I act as if I had no emotions at all;

b)I break out relatively often, extremely easilyget me off balance;

c)nerves yes - they let go of me, but it manifests itself rather in sadness and tearfulness than in some extreme anger.

4. A problem known to everyone - failure. At work, at school or during home repair, ultimately resulting in the fact that we face criticism from other people. How do you react to this?

a)I accept criticism with dignity - if I did something wrong, I will be happy to find out what caused it and I will try to do much better in the future;

b)I do not accept criticism - it makes me angry or even angry when someone criticizes me, it often results in a serious quarrel;

c)in case of criticism I literally cringe in myself and I just want to cry, I feel hopeless.

5. The holiday season is coming - how do you plan to spend your free time?

a) I have my own permanent places to which I love to come back;

b) every year I try to spend my vacation completely different - visiting the same place would just bore me;

c) I leave the decision about choosing the place to my other half - I always choose the wrong one.

Most of the answers A:Your temperament is most likely a phlegmatic. You like constancy, you control your emotions on a daily basis, and you feel best when there is a routine in your life.

Most B replies:Most likely you are just a choleric. You hate boredom, you are constantly looking for new challenges and you love to dominate. Sometimes you get angry, the cause of which may be, among others, criticism directed atto you, even by people who are very close to you.

Most replies C:You may be melancholic. Relationships with other people make you worry that they will not like something about you. You feel safest in familiar circumstances - new products are scary, because you are worried that they will bring you tasks that you simply cannot cope with.

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