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Have you got winter depression? Instead of complaining about the weather, feeling sorry for yourself and losing faith in the meaning of existence, try to improve your mood - go to the sauna or solarium, try to surround yourself with colors, use aromatherapy. Thanks to this, you will get rid of fatigue and melancholy. Learn ways to deal with winter depression!

You gottawinter depression ? No more grief and complaints! Get to knowremedies for winter depression ! A modern woman is an active and resourceful woman who can find a good way for everything. Therefore, instead of giving in to the mood and falling into winter-spring lethargy, do your best to go through the winter with a smile on your face. First of all, you must be kind and gentle with yourself. Try to surround yourself with people who are positive about life. Don't suppress your emotions and don't take on too many responsibilities. Without remorse, allow yourself more pleasure. Only then will you relax, be optimistic and cheerful. Choose your favorite form of relaxation. Some are helped by an aromatic bath, others by dancing or a visit to the solarium. Energy can be added by a candlelight dinner, going to the cinema with your child for a good comedy, or … a red scarf. These are just a few ideas to regain the joy of life. Use them and you'll quickly regain your balance.

Ways to overcome winter depression

More oxygen

Jump into a warm jacket with a hood, preferably made of waterproof fabric, and a breathable membrane (protects you from the cold, you won't get wet or sweat in it) and go for he alth! Physical activity in winter brings more benefits than in summer - it increases the production of immune bodies, makes the brain get more oxygen, and the amount of endorphins increases, which protect against winter low mood. But it doesn't stop there: due to the cold air, the metabolism is increased to maintain the correct body temperature. This means that during a winter walk we burn more calories than during a summer walk. So we can allow ourselves a little gourmand without the risk of gaining weight. Winter air is also allergen-free. But it also has disadvantages: low temperatures can raise blood pressure (blood vessels contract) and constrict the bronchi, which is why it can be dangerous for hypertensive people and asthmatics.

Active rest in the air is the bestway to enjoy winterdepression , but any form of exercise is better than doing nothing. Swimming relaxes, shapes the body, shapes the smoothness of movements. The relaxing effect of water, combined with effort, relieves tension effectively. You can sign up for aqua aerobics - it works just like swimming. If you want to strengthen your muscles, start going to the gym. Exercises with instruments, however, require dexterity, so they should be individually selected by the instructor. It is better to do them under the supervision of a specialist so as not to get injured. Go bowling, play pool. Gymnastics is a sport for everyone. You can draw energy from dancing. If you've always dreamed of learning energizing salsa, it's a good time to sign up for a course. You will improve your mood and meet new people. Do what will give you vigor.


The scent of cinnamon, orange, grapefruit or mandarin in the air will make you immediately get the distance from everything. The easiest way is to light a scented candle or spray water with a few drops of oil. You can also use a special aromatherapy fireplace. A fragrant bath will improve your well-being. Soft candlelight and relaxing music will let you break away from reality, help you regain vitality and inner harmony. Carefully performed beauty treatments will soothe your nerves, improve your well-being and have a positive effect on your beauty. Start with peeling, then immerse yourself in warm water with the addition of your favorite oil (especially orange oil has antidepressant properties), sea s alt, and a liquid that will nourish and moisturize the skin. When taking a bath, try to calm down, close your eyes and think only about pleasures for half an hour. Imagine the beach, dinner for two. After you dry yourself with a soft towel, reach for body lotion and face cream. Wrap yourself in a warm bathrobe, take a nap, read, drink fruit tea. In the morning, when you cannot wake up, or after work, when you are staggering on your feet, take a warm bath with the addition of energizing oil (citrus, tea, cedar, rose). After bathing, rinse the body with cool water. If you have difficulty falling asleep, add lavender flower extract, lemon balm leaves, pine needles, spruce or fir to the water - they will calm the body and soothe the nerves.

Catch the sun's rays

Open the windows to let as much light as possible into the room. Take a short break for a walk at work. Expose your face to the sun. Bathing in its rays will improve your mood and ensure a good sleep. You can go to the solarium. It is true that the light used there does not provide as many benefits as natural, but just as it relaxes.However, remember to increase the irradiation dose gradually, depending on the complexion. A few treatments are enough. You can alleviate the chandra by applying phototherapy. It warms you up, improves concentration, restores willingness to work and makes it easier to survive until spring. If you get a special lamp, you can "light up" yourself. After just a few sessions, the sleepiness will disappear and the will to live will increase. The time of treatment is irrelevant, but if you have trouble falling asleep and you can't wake up in the morning, it's best to light up in the morning.

Change your diet to … more fatty

Would you like something fatty? It's normal at this time of year. The body requires a little more energy to balance the heat balance. Instead of a bacon sandwich or a cutlet, eat a fatty sea fish. You will provide the body with omega-3 fatty acids invaluable for the eyes, bones, heart and brain and antioxidants - vitamins A and E. If you do not like fish, reach for dietary supplements: fish oil (fish liver extract) or omega-3 capsules (respectively prepared fat from whole fish. The supplements will strengthen your immunity when you often catch infections. They are also intended for people at risk of atherosclerosis, rheumatism.

The miraculous power of chocolate

Dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants to help keep you young. It prevents atherosclerosis and blood clots, strengthens the heart, brightens the mind, gives energy, filters the kidneys and soothes coughs. Eaten for dessert after a heavy dinner, it increases the secretion of bile (which causes constipation in excess). The only drawback: caloric content. However, if you allow yourself a dice-two in a moment of sadness, it will not affect the figure, but it will help to overcomewinter depression . The benefits of chocolate can be used with impunity when using chocolate cosmetics for washing and body care. They have relaxing, moisturizing, nourishing and anti-aging properties.

This will be useful to you

To the mountains, to the sea, to warm countries …

If you go on vacation, you will have many benefits: you will strengthen your immunity, relax, oxygenate and stimulate your bones. As long as you are actively resting. Taking a bath in the sun will stimulate the skin to produce vitamin D. You do not have to go to the mountains. At the seaside, the weather is more stable and the air contains a lot of oxygen and iodine. A walk along the beach is soothing and relaxing. In the tropics you will warm up and charge your batteries with good energy, which should last for summer.

Warm up in the sauna

This is a good way to oxygenate the body (we breathe faster in heat) and strengthen the immune system (due to water loss, blood thickens andthen the increased production of immune bodies begins. High temperature increases body temperature by 2-3 ° C, and under the influence of heat, muscles relax and calm the nervous system. In addition, during one session you can lose about 300 kcal (the same as during a 4-kilometer run). Therefore, when you leave the sauna, you will feel lighter and more relaxed. However, it is not a therapy for people who suffer from rosacea or adolescent acne, have couperose skin or varicose veins. It should be abandoned by pregnant women and menstruating women, people with respiratory failure or hemorrhagic diathesis. Patients with heart disease can go to the sauna, but in moderation and after consulting their doctor.

Appreciate the power of colors

Colors speak not only to our soul, they also act directly on the whole organism. It's worth surrounding yourself with colors that will cheer you up. Red and orange are good for melancholy and winter chills - they stimulate vitality, speed up circulation and raise blood pressure (therefore they are recommended for people with low blood pressure). They improve metabolism and have a warming effect. Put on a red sweater or an orange scarf. If such colors are too aggressive for you, choose calmer ones, e.g. pink, apricot, blue - they arouse optimism and calm you down. Buy a yellow bag (yellow is good for joy, gives you a feeling of inner freedom). The color of gold gives you energy, green gives hope and relaxes, navy blue, indigo and purple relax and increase concentration.


Laughter heals the soul and improves overall condition. It deepens the breath and oxygenates the brain (while laughing, we take in 3 times more air than normal), which then releases more endorphins. Thanks to this, our mood immediately improves and we start to look at the world from a different perspective. At the same time, it inhibits the secretion of adrenaline and cortisol, and this helps to cope with stress. The release of positive emotions leads to an increase in the production of white blood cells, thus improving the body's immunity. Laughter strengthens the diaphragm and abdominal muscles, accelerating the metabolism, which facilitates slimming. People with a cheerful disposition overcome difficulties more easily and fall ill less often. You're not one of them? You can develop a laugh within yourself. Try to start and end your day smiling, no matter how hard it was. Record the number of laughs during the day and make sure there are more each day. Have a picture, a mascot or some symbol with you that will make you feel more joyful when looking at it. Discover the power of play - engage in funny situations as often as possible.

Long evenings for myself

If you notice symptoms of winter depression, do not stay within four walls, but go to the swimming pool, cinema or friends. Winter is a good time to catch up on social activities, read books that have been put away, go to the theater, go to a concert or develop a hobby. Try to surround yourself with people who are positive about life, and above all, be kind and gentle to yourself. Without remorse, allow yourself more pleasure. Only then will you relax and get cheerful.

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