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I have the impression that coaching has become a fashionable word for some time. What is the difference between a trainer and a coach?

The very name of the coach causes many difficulties in the context of distinguishing training from coaching. Translating literally from English, the coach and the trainer are the same. However, when analyzing the type of support or service that is hidden under each of these concepts, both are fundamentally different from each other.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a process in which the coach and his client usually participate. The former, with the help of appropriate questions, guides you through the process of finding the best way to deal with the difficulty that the latter has chosen to work on. The coach does not advise, teach or provide ready-made solutions. It is a companion that stimulates the development of your client. Its assumption is the conviction that the coachee knows the best answers in relation to himself and that it is in this person that the resources for the best solution are found. It is the customer who is the main force that provides the information necessary to achieve their goals.

What is training?

Training or workshop (a shallower form of work) are methods of personal development that usually have a group character. Their main task is to acquire or develop specific skills. During the training, the client learns the techniques of strengthening individual competences, gets instructions on how to use these methods, has the opportunity to experience them on himself and exchange experiences on this topic with other participants of the classes. The trainer usually passes on knowledge to clients, provides answers, and watches over the process of improving selected skills.

It is important that both the coach and the trainer have appropriate education and competences proving preparation for work in the area of ​​support or personal development. Therefore, I encourage you to check who will guide you through the process before deciding to participate in the training or coaching process.

Remember that our expert's answer is informative and will not replace a visit to the doctor.

Patrycja Szeląg-JaroszPsychologist, coach, personal development trainer. She gained professional experience working in the field of psychological support, crisis intervention, professional activation and coaching.

He specializes in the area of ​​life coaching, supporting the client inimproving the quality of life, strengthening self-esteem and active self-esteem, maintaining life balance and effectively coping with the challenges of everyday life. She has been associated with non-governmental organizations in Warsaw since 2007, co-runs the Center for Personal Development and Psychological Services of the Compass

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