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Smoking is a very strong addiction. If you really want, you can win with him. However, you need the right attitude to quit smoking. Check if you are ready to quit the addiction.

Every year in the world 3.5 million people die in connection with cigarette smoking. Smokers know all about the dangers of smoking. About the effect on the respiratory system, carcinogenicity of tobacco smoke, effects on the skin and hair. However, smokers feel that this does not apply to them. For now.

Have you matured to try to quit the addiction? Do you want to quit smoking once and for all? To find out, answer the questions from Dr.Schneider's Motivation Test.

When you quit smoking, know that you are in for a difficult time. First of all, don't worry about getting fat. Smoking accelerates your metabolism, but even if you gain a little more in the first phase, you will return to your normal weight later on. You just have to be careful. So eat as much as before. In times of crisis, chew on dried fruit, seeds or raw carrots and drink a lot.

Nicotine cravings and habits persist for months or even years. But doctors say that after a year the chances of a permanent recovery from addiction significantly increase.

When quitting smoking, avoid:

  • smokers' friends (you must explain to them that it's only at the beginning to persevere; then you will start to avoid them for another reason - they will stink);
  • places and circumstances where you burned;
  • drinking alcohol and coffee;
  • chat on the phone (because then you will instinctively and thoughtlessly reach for a cigarette);
  • watching TV (as above);
  • stress, rush.

Also ask your relatives for support. Their acceptance and help are invaluable in the most difficult moments.

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