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Psychotests is a type of game that does not constitute an in-depth and detailed analysis. Psychotests available on the Internet or in magazines are very popular - perhaps this is due to the desire for self-discovery. However, the results of psychotests are often imprecise - their solutions can be adapted to many people. What are psychotests and what are they?

What are psycho-tests?

Psychotests , otherwise known aspsycho-games , are designed to determine, for example, your personality type, current level of happiness, ideal diet for you, the type of your figure, and even a statement which character of a given book or movie you resemble.

Usually psychotests are quizzes consisting of a few or a dozen or so short questions with the possibility of answering in several different variants. In the psychotests, all answers are finally counted and on their basis a result describing the issue of interest to us is generated.

Counting is usually done simply as a sum of all points received for answers or on the basis of the advantage of a given type of choice, e.g. the person who marked most of the answers "a" receives a different result than the one who most often bet on "b" .

The key to getting the most accurate result is answering questions honestly. Only these form the basis for the credibility of the result obtained from the quiz.

Examples of psychological tests

Psychotests concern many different issues related to the inner sphere of a person as well as the world around him and the way in which he is perceived by him. By performing one of the psycho-tests, you can, for example, check:

  • What type of personality do you have?
  • Do you follow your heart, mind or intuition more often?
  • Do you have an artist or scientist mind?
  • What do the numbers you like mean?
  • Do you suffer from ordinary sadness or are you depressed?
  • What type of job should you work in?
  • What do your dreams mean?
  • How many percent do you use your mind?
  • What is your temperament type?
  • Which Ancient Symbol Is Your Talisman?
  • Which hemisphere of your brain is dominant in you (right or left)?
  • What do you havecomplexes?
  • Are you easy to manipulate?
  • What style of management do you prefer?
  • Are you an altruist? Check your compassion level
  • How strong are you mentally?
  • What color is your aura?
  • Which character from "Game of Thrones" do you resemble?
  • What gift is made for you?

Love psychotests

Love psychotests are a separate category of quizzes designed for all lovers who are not firm enough in making decisions about their partners or the relationship in general.

For such people, psychological tests can help in resolving doubts at various stages of advancement in a relationship with another person or only during its development. Some psychotests also show what qualities we are looking for in a person who could become our ideal partner and what we expect in a successful love relationship.

Of course, such information does not always have to be an absolute signpost in search of your happiness, but for some it is certainly a great help in moments of doubt.

Love psychotests are also eagerly used by people who are just looking for their proverbial other half, who want to use a quiz to determine their chances of getting to know the other person or find out who will suit him or her.


Psychotests and psychological tests

The terms "psychological tests" and "psychological tests" are often used interchangeably, but they mean two different things.

Psychological tests are carried out by a psychologist on his patient and based on them he can make a diagnosis. Psychotests, on the other hand, are a form of play that may serve as a signal for a given person to take action to solve their problem.

Psychotests and the first symptoms of problems

Often, frustration grows in people as a result of traumatic events, a large number of problems or a too fast pace of life. It may have an impact on the personality and attitude of a person to his environment.

If it lasts longer, it is the basis of a serious illness such as depression. If you have doubts as to whether you function normally and whether you derive satisfaction from your life, but you are afraid or embarrassed visiting a psychologist, a psycho-quiz test may be the first solution that does not require much time and money.

Psychotests online or in printed magazines are primarily a convenience, because the first symptoms of a disease or disturbing changes can be detected without leaving home. Totally free (price apartfor a specific newspaper).

Additionally, the result of the psychotest can be more objective than talking about your doubts with a third party, in relation to whom it is not always possible to express one hundred percent, being blocked by stress or shame.

If the result of the psychological test clearly indicates that you have grounds for anxiety due to your emotional / mental state, it is a clear argument for consulting a specialist - psychologist and starting to counteract these problems.

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