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Slow holidays - is it even possible? Of course! Holidays are the perfect moment to get to know the increasingly popular slow life direction, according to which we consciously choose and build our lives based on harmony, rejecting the constant pursuit of a career and money. See how to arrange a slow holiday.


    1. Slow holidays: where to spend them?
    2. Slow holidays: enjoy the moment

Slow holidaysare not an unrealizable intention. On vacation, we try to live somewhat slower, we focus on rest, recharging the batteries … We promise ourselves that we will spend more time on our passions and contact with loved ones. Because when, if not during the holidays, start such a pleasant life without rush …

If you value the blissful lounging on the beach above all else, go on vacation to the seaside. If you are a person who loves to move, go where you can practice your favorite sport as much as you want. Don't take too much luggage. Pack only the essentials. Organized excursion groups are a nightmare for many people seeking peace. So, if you are really looking for peace, large and impersonal hotels, choose intimate guesthouses and private accommodation, where you will not encounter hundreds of tourists.

It is very difficult to relax when, for example, dozens of guests come to the hotel restaurant for breakfast or dinner at the same time and there is an amazing buzz. It is also not easy to relax when the pool is crowded with flashy amateurs.

During a slow holiday, try to wake up all your senses: observe the unknown with as much attention as possible, look for new tastes and smells, if you are abroad, listen to the rhythm of a foreign language. If something fascinates you, stop and observe, let it be, for example, a beautiful view …

People often take a lot of photos, run on, photograph some objects again, but they are not really at the moment when they are delighted with something, because they are already thinking about another photo. It is worth breaking with the routine and going where the natives happen to be. Talking to people - thanks to this, we learn the most about everyday life in a given region.

Worth knowing

The world's top nutritional holiday destination inslow style

  • Chickens that lay only blue eggs (Chile)
  • Śliwki slatko (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Yak Milk Cheese (Tibet)
  • Black Gascon pig (France)
  • Red Ardennes turkeys (France)
  • Black Tolosa Bean (Spain)
  • Coffee huehuetenango (Guatemala)
  • Argan oil (Morocco)
  • Cheddar cheese from Somerset (UK)
  • Vanilla (Madagascar)
  • Andean potatoes (Peru)
  • Polish products recommended by Slow Food include, among others oscypek, bundz, Lisiecka sausage, liqueurs, honey, apple wine, live beer.

Slow holidays: where to spend them?

The Cittaslow movement (International Network of Good Living Cities) brings together towns with up to 50,000 residents. Membership in it requires meeting the qualification requirements. To be in Cittaslow, you have to go through many formalities, incl. commit to improving infrastructure, revitalizing historic areas, caring for tradition, history and local cuisine. The so-called gentle tourism (agreement between the needs of tourists, the local community and the environment.

Polish towns in the style of words are: Barczewo, Biskupiec, Bisztynek, Dobre Miasto, Gołdap, Górowo Iłowieckie, Kalety, Lidzbark Warmiński, Lubawa, Murowana Goślina, Nidzica, Nowe Miasto Lubawskie, Nowy Dwór Gdański, Olsztynek, Pasym, Rejowiec Fabryczny, Reszel and Ryn.

Slow holidays: enjoy the moment

During your vacation, don't feel bad about wasting your time. Walking, we will get to know many more interesting places than traveling by coach or car and watching everything from the window, and we will also feel the real atmosphere of the place. While wandering around an unfamiliar city, let's find time to rest in a park, drink aromatic coffee, eat ice cream in your favorite flavor (or maybe try a completely new one) or simply wander aimlessly. Let us eat our meals slowly. Don't look at the watch all the time, turn off the mobile phone for a while, try to use the laptop as little as possible.

The article was published in the monthly "Zdrowie"

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