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Spicy Food Day, Braless Day, Secretary's Day … The calendar is full of various occasions that can be celebrated. But it's also worth creating your own personal - big and small - holidays. See how celebration affects your overall well-being and mood.

For each of us there are important days and more important days. Probably, we could easily list those that are important, have something special about them and have a positive impact on us: we celebrate name-day, Easter, another wedding anniversary. We celebrate a birthday to feel special, we celebrate Christmas to meet our family and make wishes, we organize a New Year's Eve ball to say goodbye to the old year, make a summary of it and start the next one with plans and hope for better.

But you can celebrate for absolutely any reason, sometimes completely trivial. It is best if we ourselves recognize that an event in our life is special and it will be nice to celebrate it.

Positive occasions celebrated recently

Until a few years ago, some people thought that Valentine's Day was such a typical American holiday and that it will not be accepted here. They were wrong. The same happens with Baby Shower, which is a party in honor of a child who is about to appear in the world. Such a belly meeting with friends allows a woman expecting a baby to share her joy and relax.

- The very prospect of celebrating makes us feel better. Planning who we will invite, what menu we will prepare, how to make a meeting with people close to us more attractive, gives us pleasure, gives us wings, adds energy - says Aleksandra Urbaszek, psychologist, psychotherapist, and adds that then the event we are celebrating is the icing on the cake. She advises paying attention not only to life breaks. It is worth celebrating that after long cloudy days the sun has appeared, that we have passed the exam, that thanks to persistence we have lost a few centimeters at the waist. - For a dog lover, celebrating the next birthday of your pet will be something obvious. The most important thing is that we do what is in line with our life priorities and professed values ​​- emphasizes Aleksandra Urbaszek.

Advantages of the celebration

Celebrating makes us break away from the busy life even for a few hours, we do not think about the past orfuture, we only live "here and now." We enjoy the moment that lasts. We take our time to do things that we don't do on a daily basis, often because we have no material benefit from it. Some people will probably find that there is no point in wasting energy on something that they don't think adds anything to our lives, but it doesn't.

Celebrating small successes makes us realize that we do not stand still and enjoy life, it gives us confidence. And, what is very important, we meet with people close to us, and this strengthens our ties. The aspect of being together, experiencing together and sharing emotions, the feeling that we are not alone in our experiences confirms our belonging to the group.

Celebrating is a space for spontaneity and joy. A person has to put aside his usual rhythm of life, change his daily activities, free himself from the clock, from stiffness, tension, a certain excessive self-control, and the holiday helps to enjoy life and simple experiences. Celebration is about just getting together to enjoy a common presence. It is a time and space for talking about yourself and listening to one another. After all, we miss something very much: someone to whom we will tell more about ourselves, someone who will listen to us.

During the celebration, conversations with other people are completely different. Everything goes at a slower pace. It is very refreshing in human relationships. And people who know how and like to celebrate are usually more optimistic about the world.

Time for yourself and for others

Celebration involves preparations: cleaning, preparing special meals, festive clothes. It gives rise to the feeling that we are expecting something; teaches expectations. It is also practicing certain rituals that unite a group of people. It's also a good idea to celebrate your solo successes. The occasion may be, for example, that the child said "mom" for the first time … In fact, every occasion is good for celebration, we can only be limited by our own imagination. Every day you can find something worth appreciating. Albert Einstein once said: “There are two ways to go through life. One: as if nothing were a miracle, and the other: as if everything was one. It is up to us which option we choose.

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Some original occasions to celebrate

  • 14 January - Day of the Shy People
  • 17 January - Everyone's Cool Day
  • January 31 - International Hugging Day
  • February 2 - Positive Thinking Day
  • February 9 - International Pizza Day
  • 26 February - Greeting DayBlonde
  • March 5 - Mother-in-law's Day
  • April 12 - Chocolate Day
  • May 20 - Neighbor's Day
  • May 30 - Braless Day
  • June 6 - World Kiss Day
  • June 13 - Feast of Good Advice
  • September 8 - Dreamer's Day
  • September 22 - Day of Exercise In Front of the Mirror Wage Increase Requests
  • October 25 - Mutt's Day
  • November 16 - Tolerance Day
  • December 21 - Brunettes Greeting Day

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