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Thanks to this relaxation technique, you will quickly achieve relaxation and peace. It combines elements of meditation and visualization. It not only relaxes, but also regenerates and repairs what has broken in your body under stress.

Sit comfortably, straighten your back. Relax your entire body muscles, close your eyes and startrelaxing .

Meditation, relaxation and visualization

  • Imagine that the place where you are sitting is shrouded in a cocoon of a delicate red mist (you can experiment with colors by imagining the color that you like the most or that attracts you). This luminous and light mist isrelaxation , comfort, warmth and well-being.
  • Breathe deeply and slowly for five breaths, imagining that with each gulp of air a relaxing mist fills your upper body: head, shoulders, neck. After the first breath in, hold the air for a moment and imagine the mist penetrating your every cell, relaxing it, carrying its energy (the remaining four breaths should be natural).
  • Imagine that with each exhalation you exhale pain, fatigue, unpleasant sensations,stress , tension. You can visualize them, e.g. as gray smoke.
  • For the next five breaths, imagine that the haze this time travels deeper: it fills your lungs, reaches your stomach, arms, and each finger. Again, hold the first breath for a moment (enough to slowly add to five) and imagine that the haze full of life-giving oxygen regenerates every cell.
  • In the third cycle of five breaths, direct the mist to the lower body: buttocks, legs, hips. While inhaling, imagine the glow streaming down to the navel, and down as you exhale, visualize its further path: along the legs to the feet, etc.

Research confirms that during a meditation session, the concentration of lactate in the blood drops (high levels are associated with anxiety and nervousness, low levels - calm and relaxation). The picture of the brain waves is changing - the brain works mainly on alpha, theta and delta waves, which are characteristic of resting.

Another variant of relaxation

Imagine that you are sitting in a circle of rainbow light. While breathing, imagine like thiscrystal clear rainbow light flows into and fills you. With the power of your thoughts, send them to every place of the body, imagine that the light that fills you makes you radiate. Let it pass through you and away. Realize that it is peace, blessing and gift that you are offering to the world.

Instant relaxation

It's a way to relax in minutes. And you can try it right away. Sit down or lie down. Rub the palm against your palm for 10-20 seconds. Then close your eyes and additionally cover them with your hands, but not so as not to touch your eyelids. Breathe calmly and steadily. After just a dozen or so seconds, you will feel the tension disappear. You can stop this exercise whenever you want, but ideally it should last one to five minutes.
Our advice
The meditation should last a minimum of 20 minutes, although - if you have time and wish - you can extend it. Try to do the exercise with concentration. Once you have mastered them well, you will learn to relax with just a few breaths whenever you need to. At work, on the bus or standing in line.

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