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Pharaoh's revenge is a common ailment that affects tourists spending their holidays in Egypt and other Arab countries or in Turkey. Gastrointestinal complaints, which are manifested by abdominal pain, severe diarrhea and vomiting, affect every second vacationer. In order not to spend your vacation in the hotel bathroom, you should follow a few simple rules. Check out how to heal and prevent the Pharaoh's curse.

Pharaoh's Revenge , which is often confused with simple food poisoning, is a gastrointestinal ailments that affect European tourists traveling to Arab countries. The disease is caused by a different bacterial flora in the digestive tract of Europeans. Therefore, the encounter with local bacteria very often ends with an indisposition for travelers, which lasts about 5 days.

Pharaoh's revenge - symptoms

  • persistent diarrhea
  • acute abdominal pain
  • vomiting and nausea
  • fever
  • dizziness

The symptoms of Pharaoh's curse quickly lead to exhaustion and dehydration of the body, so appropriate treatment should be given as soon as possible.

Pharaoh's revenge - treatment

Treatment for this troublesome condition takes about a week and consists of taking anti-diarrheal medications. Treatment increases the body's absorption of water and electrolytes, which protects against dehydration. You can buy traveler's diarrhea medication from pharmacies.

Pharaoh's revenge - what to eat during and after an attack of disease?

First, remember to replace any lost fluids to avoid dehydration. Drink only bottled water or tea (it's better to avoid coffee as it can exacerbate ailments). Give up milk drinks and drinks with milk, as well as ice for drinks - usually it is prepared with unboiled water.

Avoid alcohol - traditional treatment with pepper vodka not only does not help with pharaoh's revenge, but can also weaken us.

You definitely need to avoid eating raw meals - during illness, you should remove raw fruit and vegetables from your diet, reduce the amount of fiber in your diet - that is, we do not move other bread than wheat. Rusks are recommended,crackers, rice, boiled potatoes, broth, boiled meat, possibly boiled vegetables. Spicy spices should be avoided as they also stimulate intestinal peristalsis.

A weak stomach requires rest. We are gradually expanding the menu to include cooked but spicy dishes, vegetables (but not raw). Rinse the fruit with boiled water and then peel it. Enter the dairy products last.

Mineral water is recommended for liquids. Avoid sweets - especially ice cream.

How to prevent the Pharaoh's curse?

The sultan's curse is caused by a different bacterial flora of the digestive system of tourists. Weakened by this ailment, the body is more susceptible to dangerous bacteria found in tap water or unwashed fruit. Therefore, in order to prevent the development of the disease, several rules should be followed.

  • Before you go to Arab countries or Turkey, buy appropriate drugs at a pharmacy that will allow you to avoid this ailment or fight it easier. These are preparations that contain cultures of lactic bacteria and block the growth of harmful bacteria. Most of them can be purchased over the counter. You can also buy the appropriate drugs on the spot. They are widely available because many tourists suffer from travelers' diarrhea. As a result, a local pharmacist will easily recognize which medications you need.
  • When on vacation in Egypt or Turkey, use only bottled water. This also applies to brushing your teeth - remember to rinse your mouth with mineral water after brushing your teeth. We also wash our hands, preferably the whole body, with the water from the bottle.
  • Avoid any form of tap water, such as ice cubes added to drinks at local bars.
  • Instead of cold lemonade (which can also be prepared with tap water) choose chilled bottled drinks.
  • Local fruit and vegetables should be thoroughly washed before consumption, and preferably burned. If we decide on the first option, use mineral water. However, the best method is to peel fruits and vegetables.
  • The safest foods are grilled, baked or fried.

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