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Routine - performing the same activities, referring to the same resource of knowledge, avoiding new things - causes us to complain about deteriorating memory. It just so happens that, like muscles, memory has to be constantly trained. Thanks to her, we created a civilization. It is memory that makes us different because our experiences are different.

The brainremembers every detail of every moment of our lives. But we are not always able to get to this data. Sometimes a sudden impulse, a smell, a sound is enough for an avalanche of images to appear. It is the same in a dream. Many of us dream of things or people from the past, colorful and detailed scenes. Whatever we hear during sleep and anesthesia is recorded and can be played back later. In a state of hypnosis, we remember everything.

Memory is the formation of connections between neurons

Remembering means creating specific connections between neurons. The stronger the emotions, the more lastingmemory . The chemical intermediary in the memory processes is RNA (ribonucleic acid), which has been confirmed experimentally. Changes in the structure of the RNA appeared in some cells of the trained animals. A rat injected with RNA from the cells of another rat remembered what the rat remembered, though it had not learned it. When RNA is missing, the animal is unable to assimilate anything.

Kinds of memory

Ultra-short memory(sensory) only exists for a few seconds or a fraction of a second.Short-term memoryoroperational analyzes and interprets information, and then encodes it in long-term memory. It also resembles, that is, recreates the stored information. If we do not register something consciously at this stage, we lose it forever.Long-term memorystores knowledge. To run it, we need to extract data from short-term memory, which is not always readily available. Long-term memory gaps generally only mean that there is no way to get to the information.

We are also talking about visual, auditory and motor memory. Using them depends on individual predispositions. Psychologists believe that for each type of information - names, emotions, skills - there is a different type of memory. Our emotional states, knowledge, and the way we see the world affect what and how we remember.Forgetting can be explained in various ways: blurring of memory traces in nerve cells, pushing unpleasant, uncomfortable or unnecessary content beyond the threshold of consciousness, and finally - various brain injuries and diseases. If we are attacked by an excess of information, more than we can absorb at once, some we let go of. Someone who leads a crazy lifestyle, has a lot to do, meets with someone constantly, has to forget something along the way, it's natural. But forgetting is also valuable because it allows us to get rid of what would unnecessarily clutter our head. Worse, however, when we start to forget about what is really important to us.

Routine causes worse memory

There are people who retain excellent memories in their old age. Unfortunately, others suffer from it more or less. New things are generally harder to remember. What was stored in long-term memory is lost to a much lesser extent. That is why we say: "What John does not learn, John will not know." Hence, the elderly are clearly confronted with childhood than yesterday. It does not have to be like this. The human brain begins to lose neurons from the age of 25. 10 percent of them already. But the remaining 90 functions perfectly and is able to build new connections. But we often do the same activities, meet the same people, refer to a known body of knowledge … As a result, the same neurons are constantly working. routine causes us to complain about worse and worse memory.

  • We remember 10 percent names of encountered people
  • We forget 39 percent phone numbers provided to us
  • How to remember codes and phone numbers - The easiest way to refer to important dates (1410, 1939, name day or birthday of loved ones). If it is difficult to find such a reference, build a sentence in which each word has as many letters as the following numbers of the code. For example: This is your key (2445). This is land (2243).
  • When building a longer sentence, you can remember the phone number, shopping list and things to do. Make a list on a piece of paper. Imagine your route in the correct order: office, post office, shop. Each time, bring up the appearance of these places in your mind. Imagine the interior of the store. Read the shopping list, repeat it, and mentally see the shelf from which you take the item. When the list is long, make up a story. The more absurd it becomes, the easier you will remember it (a cat with a sack of sugar tells mice the way to cheese, but they trip over apples). Count things to buy and things to do. This will help you see if everything is leftdone.
  • A little stress before the exam makes it easier to remember. However, chronic or severe disease makes it difficult.
You must do it
  • Solve crosswords, learn poems, meet new people and new skills.
  • Avoid excess alcohol.
  • Get some sleep.
  • Oxygenate your brain, take a walk, exercise outdoors. Try not to accumulate stress.
  • Feed your brain well: eat a diet rich in zinc (eat fish, grains and beans), boron (nuts, grapes and peaches), vitamins C, E and beta-carotene (vegetables).
  • For efficiency and clarity of mind, you can also reach for various preparations. These include lecithin, which the body needs to produce one of the neurotransmitters. Solgar's soy lecithin is non-oxidized, so it contains the most active ingredients.

Memory impairment

  • Amnesia - memory loss, often temporary. It can be caused by a head injury, epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease, severe emotional stress, alcohol poisoning.
  • Paramnesia - memory reconstruction disorders: we take new things as known, unconsciously confabulate them, i.e. false memories appear in which fictitious events are mixed with real ones or facts are incorrectly ordered chronologically.
  • Deja vu - a phenomenon consisting in the belief that you are experiencing a given situation the second time.
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