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The world's first blood test for early stage melanoma, not yet showing skin stage symptoms, was developed by scientists at Edith Cowan University in Sydney, Australia. Melanoma is one of the most dangerous cancers because it is difficult to treat effectively. Currently, skin tests and a biopsy are used to diagnose melanoma.

Skin cancers , including imelanoma , threaten primarily people with light skin, eyes and hair that expose the body excessively to solar and artificial radiation (solariums).

The World He alth Organization reports that melanoma is one of the most common cancers in young people aged 20 to 40. In Australia alone, approximately 1,500 people die from melanoma each year. An early detection of this cancer is a nearly 100% guarantee for a cure. The later it is diagnosed, the less the patient's chances of survival.
So far, to detect skin lesions revealing the presence and development of melanoma, it was necessary to perform dermatological tests, the so-called dermatoscopy or biopsy of a skin sample taken for analysis.

The latest diagnostic discovery is a blood test invented by scientists from Australia.

The innovative MelDX test detects melanoma by recognizing autoantibodies produced by the body to combat early tumor growth.

209 people participated in the preliminary blood test research. In the case of 81.5 percent. the test ensured the accuracy of the result.

MelDX will now undergo three-year medical testing. Australians believe that the test will be approved for general use within 5 years.
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