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The fashion for sunbathing does not pass - the body gilded with the sun looks attractive. However, we know that sunbathing also carries he alth risks. People with birthmarks and moles should be especially careful.

Exposure to UV rays accelerates skin aging, causes discoloration and promotes skin diseases, including the most dangerous - melanoma. For some, this threat is greater. We talk about it with a dermatologist,MD Magdalena Ciupińska.

How to recognize a skin cancer?

Who should limit the use of sunbathing?

Magdalena Ciupińska, MD, PhD:People with numerous pigmented spots, commonly called moles, should be less in the sun. They arise in utero, but may show up after many years. Some originate from the epidermis (e.g. brown seborrheic warts), others from blood and lymph vessels (hemangiomas at the level of the skin or convex, usually blue-red), from connective tissue (soft fibromas). There are also melanocytic, or pigmentary, marks, named after the cells that produce melanin - a dark pigment in the skin. They can be skin-colored, brown and even black, a few millimeters in diameter or huge. Their surfaces can be smooth or convex, hairy; most of them are harmless, but a small percentage can develop into melanoma. But remember that this cancer also occurs in unchanged skin.

What makes some birthmarks become elusive?

M.C.:First of all, overexposure to the sun, skin burns with sun rays. In the second, any mechanical teasing of birthmarks. This can be irritation with e.g. wet sand, jewelry, tight clothing. Ladies should pay attention to whether there are any marks in the places where the bra touches the skin. If they are, please report them to the doctor.

What should worry us?

M.C.:Every change. If the birthmark has become larger, itches, peels, has changed shape or color, has uneven borders, is bleeding - we go to the doctor immediately.

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