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Calorie table - sweets will help you choose the right menu not only for people who want to lose extra kilos, but also for those who don't want to gain weight. So check how many calories are in sweets - cookies, cakes, bars, ice cream and other sweets.

The table of calories contained in sweetsindicates which delicacies are lesser evil and which are real caloric bombs. This knowledge will be especially useful because it is so difficult for us to give up sweets. After all, they are widely available - we can find them in every store, so when we are hungry and do not have time, we reach for what is closest.

In addition, it is not without reason that chocolate is the best remedy for bad mood - it contains zinc and selenium, which increase the body's secretion of endorphins, i.e. happiness hormones. In addition, a quickly consumed sweet snack increases blood sugar levels and adds energy. Read what can end up reaching for sweets frequently - find outhow many calories are sweets .

How many calories do sweets have: bars

Bars are one of the most popular sweet snacks - they have a specific filling and are covered with chocolate on the outside. Among the bars available in stores, Snickers is the most calorific - it has 253 kcal, Mars - 212 kcal and Kit Kat - 210 kcal contain a little less. The lowest caloric content is Bounty, which has 127 kcal.

How many calories do sweets have: cakes

Yeast cake with crumble is a cake that will definitely give you more calories - there are 375 of them in 100 grams of the product. Similarly with sand cake - 341 kcal and Viennese cheesecake. So it is safer to reach for the traditional cheesecake - 329 kcal or yeast dough with plums - 290 kcal.

How many calories do sweets have: cookies

In turn, among the cookies, the biggest caloric bomb is the waffle cake - 538 kcal in 100 grams, while the nut-cream cake has 470 kcal. We can also find a lot of them in inconspicuous at first glance chocolate-covered biscuits, containing 489 kcal. One puff costs an additional 346 kcal, and one donut - 290 kcal.

How many calories do sweets have: chocolate

Chocolate raises the level of serotonin in the blood (it is supposed to be so good in improving mood that even a fetus in the wombmothers feel better thanks to it), it reduces the activity of platelets, and thus - reduces the risk of blood clots, it is one of the sweets that are the least harmful to teeth. How many calories does chocolate have? One cube contains 22 kcal, a milk chocolate bar - 549 kcal, and a cream chocolate bar - 560 kcal. Dark chocolate gives 554 extra calories.

How many calories do sweets have: ice cream

Ice cream is less caloric than chocolate and cookies. 100 grams of milk ice cream contain 152 kcal, and nuts and dried fruit - 167 kcal. On the other hand, eating cream ice cream results in 160 additional kilocalories.

Calorie table: sweets

How many calories do sweets have?Please refer to the table below!

Calorie table: sweets and pastries, kcal / 100 g

Bounty bar, art127
Kit Kat bar, 1 piece210
Mars bar, 1 piece212
Snickers bar, 1 piece253
meringue, 1 piece444
hard candies399
jelly beans306
fruit jelly324
champagne delicacies327
jelly cake275
biscuits in chocolate489
donut, 1 piece290
chocolate covered gingerbread368
ptasie mleczko436
puffs, 1 piece346
chocolate cake390
waffle cake538
nut cream cake470
stuffed waffles519
chocolate wafers553
yeast with plums290
shortbread with plums435
sand cake341
cakeyeast crumble375
Viennese cheesecake340
white, 1 teaspoon85
vanilla, packet394
brown sugar380
coconut sugar382
cane sugar399
powdered sugar405
1 cube22
for powdered drinking, 1 cup235
bitter, 1 tablet554
cream, 1 label560
milky, 1 tablet549
stuffed, 1 plate450
white, 1 label578
dessert, 1 tablet531
coffee, 1 tablet526
with yoghurt, 1 tablet585
cocoa, 1 teaspoon22
dried fruit and nuts167
fruit sorbets145
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