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Excessive control at work does not affect employee motivation. If they feel constantly watched and suspected, their psychological comfort is lowered. How to deal with a boss who constantly checks and controls, advises Marcin Florkowski, PhD in psychology and therapist.

How to deal with a bully boss at work?

"I work in a small company, I am honest, I fulfill my duties well. But my employer treats me - I have the impression - like a potential fraudster. He checks the computer what I do, makes sure if I eat breakfast for too long, registers time of arrival and departure. I would like to add that my employment contract mentions task-based work "- asks one of the readers of the monthly" Zdrowie ".

Control at work - where does it come from?

Almost all employees feel uncomfortable when they are over-controlled. But the mistake they often make is assigning bad intentions to their boss. Convincing yourself that your boss suspects you makes it difficult to distance yourself from the situation.

There are two strategies you can take to cope with something. The first is to try to keep the boss's control as little or as burdensome as possible. Maybe it's worth telling your supervisor that checking him / her is very stressful? Perhaps alternative ways to control the work performed can be identified? This is a paradoxical technique - when we let someone control ourselves, that control becomes unnecessary.

Perhaps it would also be possible to agree with the boss that the emphasis in the control should be on whether the tasks are performed well and on time, and not on when. The second strategy is to deal with your emotions. For example, you can reformulate the meaning of what the boss does (eg "He checks me because it calms him down, not because he suspects me").

How to react to the boss's control?

You can also work on how to react when the boss notices some shortcoming of the employee. Being able to convince yourself that you are right and defend yourself as a good worker should be reassuring. You can also work on your distance to what your boss is doing - after all, does that have to be really annoying?

Control is one of the elements of work for which we take our remuneration. Each of us is a free man. Therefore, whenever the situation crosses the linetolerance, you can fight for a bonus, move or fire, etc. Remembering this helps to distance yourself from the situation.

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