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More and more often we are completely absorbed by work. We constantly think about it and stress about it, which negatively affects our he alth. What causes stress at work and who suffers from it the most? What are the effects of stress?

According to the researchstress at workis felt by as many as 85% of professionally active Poles. Only 11% of employees treat work as a dream come true and a source of pleasure, and for over 60% it is primarily a way of earning a living. The highest percentage of Poles stressed by work lives in Warsaw.

Stress at work - who and what stresses at work?

People who are closed in on themselves, pessimists, and those who experience each failure as a personal drama deal with stress the worst. Optimists will approach the same problem as the next challenge.

Poles are moderately satisfied with their work. Well-educated people, representatives of higher social classes and managers evaluate it better. People with lower education and a low level of income have the most reservations.

55% of respondents complain about fatigue caused by excessive duties. Many employees also suffer from uncomfortable working conditions - nuisance noise or too high or too low temperatures (43%). In 25% of respondents, stress is caused by the need to stay at work after hours.

According to an expertEwa Woydyłło, psychologist

Stress increases in direct proportion to the number of tasks and continuous shortening of the time for their implementation. The more and faster we have to work, the more risk we run. We make mistakes, we are late, we are exhausted and as a result we experience increasing stress, followed by various psychosomatic ailments. One person's stress is shared by the environment. Then it is easier for conflicts, quarrels and misunderstandings.

Stress at work - what do Poles think about work?

  • positive

Over 80% declare that they have clearly defined responsibilities and copes well with difficulties 56% feel appreciated 59% do what they like 55% admit that they do not think about work in their spare time

  • Negative

49% of respondents treat overtime work and work at weekends as a natural state 41% declare that a bad day is reflected in their livesprivate, 29% of respondents admit that their friends accuse them of lack of time for social meetings. 15% of respondents admitted that they are afraid of enlarging their family because of work.

Poles are more and more overworked and exhausted. As a result, they cannot cope with stress and do not recognize emotions


Geography of stress at work

The inhabitants of central and western Poland most often suffer from stress at work. On the other hand, the least stressful jobs are found in the eastern and southern parts of Poland. The highest percentage of Poles stressed by work lives in Warsaw. The capital has as many as 94% of stressed employees!

Varsovians most often complain about fatigue (74%), work overload (50%), too high requirements of the employer (30%), overtime work - 28% of respondents. The most frequently mentioned symptoms of stress and fatigue are headaches (50%) and backaches (29%), and trouble falling asleep (25%).

22% of Warsaw residents take things that bring pleasure to them or something that will distract them from a stressful situation, and 18% listen to music that calms down or reaches for cigarettes (16%).

Dreams mainly concern salaries (33%): 9% dream of shortening working time, but 14% would not change anything. Although 79% of working Warsaw residents have clearly defined duties, and 61% feel appreciated at work, 33% of respondents are afraid of losing their jobs, and 48% of respondents perceive overtime and weekend work as a natural phenomenon. 60% of Warsaw residents say that a bad day at work negatively affects their household members, while friends of 32% of the respondents accuse them of lack of time.

Signs of stress at work

As evidenced by the results of the survey, the most common work-related ailments are:

  • fatigue (69%)
  • back pain (42% - the most characteristic ailment for people over 50)
  • headaches (40% - indicated mainly by women, people aged 25-39, working in offices and in managerial positions)
  • trouble falling asleep (22%)
  • stomach pains (17%)
  • heart problems (8% - mainly elderly people, over 50 and working in several places at the same time).

The data comes from a study commissioned by the Klosterfrau He althcare Group.

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