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Professionalism helps in a career, but sometimes it's not enough. A bit of psychology will also come in handy. Especially in relations with the boss who has his weaknesses and preferences. How to tame your boss, what to do to make him eat from your hand? It's not about flattering your boss every step of the way. Rather, it is about reviewing his views on work organization methods and expectations towards employees.

American psychologist and guruof managementDouglas McGregor developed theories of X and Y bosses on the basis of many years of observation.

Two management strategies, two types of bosses

The boss theory of type Xboils down to the metaphor that man is a civilized animal that treats work as a necessary evil, is lazy and works only for money. - Type X boss believes that an employee must be controlled and precisely set tasks - explains Jarosław Chybicki, a psychologist. There is no point in improving working conditions or motivating other than punishment. He believes that only bribery or the threat of dismissal reaches people.The boss theory like Yassumes the opposite: people want and like to work. He believes that work is just as natural for humans as play and recreation. - Boss Y determines what result he expects, and then gives the employee a free hand in choosing the working methods - says Jarosław Chybicki. - Believes that employees can improve the workplace and make wise decisions. Boss Y will not control the employee, it will allow him to feel responsible for his own actions or show commitment.

Boss X and boss Y - check who your supervisor is

  • The type X boss is most often a workaholic, although he does not seem tired. He is characterized by haste, a tendency to compete, perfectionism, hostility towards others and a great need for control. He is mainly busy with current affairs, rarely looking into the future. He is irritated by the ignorance of the employee. Employees are afraid of him, because he is not spared of reprimands. People often do not know their role, so they are wary of others. There are a lot of rumors in the company; the team is not a team at all, because people are divided into subgroups, they do not share their plans with others. Words of praise pass through X's mouth for them. Remember the rule: if your boss doesn't praise you within two weeks, he probably won't.
  • Y type boss hasalways time for people, not avoiding conversations with them. After a few days, it will ask you about your impressions of working in the new place. And they will gladly praise you, if only for quick acclimatization in the team. You will recognize him by the fact that he will try to establish contact with you "like a person with a person". It will introduce you to the functioning of the company and explain what it expects from you, but it will not impose any ready-made methods of action. Rather, it will set goals and encourage you to achieve them. The creativity on how to perform it is left largely to you. The atmosphere in the company is friendly. People are not afraid of meetings with the boss, reprimands or losing their jobs.

Strong-arm fashion

Statistically speaking, you have a better chance of being under the wing of an X boss. According to a study from a few years ago, most owners of small and medium-sized enterprises are X bosses, who do not allow employees more freedom in making decisions. Practice also shows that under certain circumstances the head of Y behaves like X - takes control and begins to distribute precise commands, demanding their exact and immediate fulfillment. In the case of a Y-type boss, such a situation may take place, for example, during a crisis, when strong-arm governments can overcome the problems.

How to succeed in boss X's team

Boss X works well in difficult situations when a strong leader is needed. Also in areas where compliance with procedures or precision of execution is required, e.g. in pharmacy or the production of TV programs, where everything has to be right down to the second. It is a gift from fate when you want to learn work discipline and improve your skills under the watchful eye of a demanding supervisor.

  • He is a good boss for someone who does not attach great importance to his career and wants to forget about his duties as soon as he leaves the office.
  • The greatest asset in his eyes is enthusiastic discipline and readiness to follow orders. Do not take any action without consulting. You put yourself at risk of a person's opinion without initiative, but Mr. X doesn't value ideas, only obedience. He also does not like when there is something happening in his environment that he does not control. Let him have the last word on every matter.
  • Don't let him down, he won't forgive you for a long time. Therefore, always make sure that you understand each of his commands.
  • When you are given an assignment, ask when it should be done. The type X boss often does not set deadlines, because he believes that he will control the matter on an ongoing basis. He can also change dates. So try to have them in writing, even in e-mails.
  • Promotion in his case can be achieved by building informal relationships. For example, check inwhich fitness club does he exercise, and sign up there too.
  • Don't admit that you can't do something, just learn it.
  • If you make a mistake try to hide it. And when that is not possible, anticipate criticism by "denouncing" yourself. X expects repentance, no explanation. And ask for directions on a recovery plan. Remember, however, that the pros do not balance the minuses, and sometimes one serious mistake will cancel out many years of efforts.
  • Don't criticize the boss with your colleagues. Make sure that your negative attitude towards authority figures does not cast a hostile attitude towards your boss. True, he can be overbearing, but he has the qualities and knowledge that allowed him to attain a position in which he was held. If you respect these advantages, you have a chance of success.
You must do it

Be a diplomat

Do you want to live the best life with your boss? Remember to:

  • Establish a dialogue with him.
  • Don't take criticism too personally.
  • Talk precisely about your plans.
  • Appreciate yourself.
  • Maintain discretion and loy alty.

How to succeed in boss Y's team

This is a great boss for an independent, mature employee who does not need instructions. But it is also the boss that forces you to make constant effort. He always expects active participation, creativity and improvement. It will scare you if you dreamed of peace and a warm job. Here you will not rest on your laurels, pretending to be busy will do nothing. You have to work for boss Y as if you were running your own business: he is like a demanding and capricious client.

  • Honesty and openness pays off. - Do not lie, admit ignorance or mistakes. Mr. Y knows that a person learns all his life. Avoid making the same mistakes, however, he will treat it as a lack of commitment, in his eyes worse than ignorance.
  • Look for solutions, not problems. And if you find that you have any trouble, which is in part your fault, take responsibility. He values ​​people you can rely on.
  • Don't be afraid to go to the boss with problems, also personal. He doesn't like protracted conflicts. But don't report it!
  • Don't bother him with small problems that you can solve yourself with a little commitment. Also be aware that your ideas will have to be realized … you yourself. And educate yourself, and your ratings will increase.
  • The atmosphere at work may be cafe-like, but the boss still expects results. Only give back a job well done. If you do not make it on time, ask for a postponement, do not return any faults - he thinks you should know when the job is good.
  • Did you make a mistake? Accept criticism and suggest how you will work it off.
  • Never get caught by: dependence, reluctance to make decisions, blaming others, carelessness, lack of care for one's own development, boredom.
  • Keep your distance. Although it is difficult to define it yourself, you need to feel the boundaries: the boss has to be the boss and that's it. Too familiarity usually ends badly.

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