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Psychologists agree: jealousy is an incurable disease. That's why you have to learn to live with it. It's difficult, but it's possible. We advise you on how to control negative emotions and how to control jealousy. Here are 9 ways to be jealous.

Jealousyruins the life of both the jealous person and his partner. A tormented partner, sooner or later he will leave, and you will be left alone, with a sense of defeat. However, don't try to eliminate jealousy completely. You won't succeed anyway. however, you should be in control of your emotions. Make jealousy the driving force, not the anguish. First, take a look at yourself: when do you most often feel sad, sorry, angry or angry? Then what happens to your body and mind? Once you realize what your biggest problem is, it will be easier to deal with. You don't know how? We give you a handful of tips.

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9 ways to control jealousy

1. Don't compare yourself to others

Deal with the fact that there will always be someone who is better than you, more attractive, wiser, richer, etc. Constant comparison with others only makes you complex. It is also a lack of self-respect. Because it means that you feel inferior to others.

2. Believe in yourself

Accept yourself as you are. You don't believe in the power of your femininity? Check yourself in the mirror more often. But do not be critical, do not point out the shortcomings of the figure. Rather, think about what he likes about you. Bust? Waist? Legs? Highlight it with a suitable outfit. Once you gain self-confidence, you will stop seeing every pretty woman as a potential rival.

3. Live your life

Find yourself some absorbing activity, otherwise you will constantly focus on your partner's affairs. Men often complain that women (especially when they are not working), out of boredom, have different visions of "what they don't do outside the home". And over time … they start to settle them! Also, don't limit his freedom. It will only fuel your feeling!

4. Be (self) critical

Look objectively - at yourself and at him. Perhaps by some behavior you provoke his outbursts yourselfjealousy? Or maybe he is in crisis? Give your partner a compliment - give him a compliment, buy a gift, show that he is still important to you. Love is like a flower - without water it withers.

Don't do that

Don't provoke fate …

If you constantly suspect that your partner is cheating on you and make excuses to him, you will end up really being betrayed. Because he'll think, "He already thinks I'm unfaithful." If he finds out that you have full confidence in him, he will certainly do his best not to disappoint you.

5. Appreciate what you have

Stop deluding yourself that others do better! Are you jealous because your friend has a we althy husband, more polite children, a better car and a flat? Remember - that's how you see it! But is it really so? Everyone has their problems. Believe it - what is an advantage for you, for others it can be a disadvantage.

6. Control bad emotions

Write down all variants for which the given situation even happened. But don't just focus on negative emotions. For example, if your husband has been talking to a certain lady for a long time, do not immediately think that they are having an affair. Maybe it's his friend from work? Your problem will quickly diminish, or at least not become an obsession. Because you are probably pleased that others like him as well?

7. Think positive

Replace negative feelings with positive ones. If you are twisted at the sight of your friend's car, imagine that it is yours. Think about where you would go, etc. Then make a plan to make this dream come true. The pursuit of the goal will minimize your problem. And jealousy will fade away when what you dream about comes true.

8. Get a frank conversation

Before you accuse your partner of, for example, cheating, listen to him or her. But refrain from making excuses to him. Also, avoid closed-ended questions that assume that you only want a denial or confirmation. Maybe you don't know about everything?

9. Don't accumulate your anger

Expect yourself, complain! What are your friends for? Talking to relatives relieves stress and allows you to look at the problem from a distance. If this does not help, be sure to ask for help from a psychologist.

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