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Wondering how to avoid Christmas stress? Here are some tips: determine what you can change in the preparation for Christmas, take care of relationships with loved ones and plan the appropriate division of responsibilities for all family members. And don't get mad at the shopping frenzy!

Many people dream of a perfect holiday - exactly the same as they remember from their childhood or youth: filled with the warmth of a family atmosphere and fragrant Christmas Eve dishes. You cannot imagine that you will spend them differently than Polish customs dictate. However, the closer to Christmas, the more frustrating you are. Why?

Where does pre-Christmas stress come from?

The answer is simple. You impose on yourself too many things to do and then you run out of time. You're not helping yourself.

On Christmas Eve you can barely stay on your feet and only dream about finally resting. And yet you have to serve the next dishes. Not bad if everything goes according to plan. Worse, if everything falls out of your hands and the dough turns to sticky. You feel terrible tiredness and anger, which you often take out on your household members.

Remember one thing: you won't please everyone, so it's time to let it go.


Iwona (48) takes a vacation a few days before Christmas to be on time. He carries out shopping, looks for gifts, cooks for the night and polishes the apartment. Christmas Eve has always been a great holiday in the family. Iwona doesn't want to be worse either. Every year, 12 traditional dishes appear on the table, and there is a mountain of presents under the Christmas tree.

Iwona insists that she has to take care of everything personally. On Christmas Eve she is so tired that she does not have enough strength to enjoy the festive mood. As little as a trifle can throw her off balance - this is a description that fits many Polish families. Your Christmas doesn't have to be like this.

Stress-free Christmas - how to prepare for Christmas and not go crazy?

Divide pre-holiday preparations among all members of the household

Don't bother eating 12 dishes. All you need to do is prepare a few of your household's favorite dishes. Or maybe everyone will do their showpiece? Perhaps nobody likes Jewish carp, so why waste time in the kitchen preparing something that nobodywill start?

If you don't enjoy baking cakes, order some delicacies at the patisserie. Explain to your husband, who loves the cheesecake you make, that this time he will have to settle for the bought one, and in your free time you will bake him whatever he likes.

Think about what you can give up

Think about what you are able to give up. You don't have to clean up before Christmas. Just dust and vacuum it. Why clean windows in winter when you can do it in spring? Or maybe consider professional cleaning help? You will save a lot of time.

If the vision of a few days spent in the kitchen scares you, shorten the list of invited guests or invite your loved ones for coffee and cake. Also control your emotions. A few unnecessarily spoken words can change the idyllic atmosphere into a tavern brawl.

Before Christmas, don't go crazy shopping

It's hard to resist the shopping madness. Literally on the run you catch whatever you can get your hands on. As a result, you buy much more than you need to buy. Stop! Make a shopping list and stick to it when wandering around.

Don't look for gifts until the last minute. And next year, think about it much earlier - maybe during the holidays.

Psychologist: holidays on the list of the most stressful events in life

Holidays, especially those such as Christmas, are on the list of the most stressful events in life - said psychologist Małgorzata Godlewska from SWPS University. In her opinion, however, Christmas stress can be effectively alleviated.

Big holidays like Christmas are ranked 42nd (before minor offenses).

- Holidays are a source of stress because we spend a lot of time, energy and more money preparing for them. Moreover, when we meet at the table with a large group of relatives whom we see only on special occasions, we may be asked various uncomfortable questions that we do not want to ask ourselves. It also stresses us - explained Godlewska.

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