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The empty chair technique is a well-known therapeutic method used by experts in various fields of psychology. It is a tool that is used to solve problems, but also teaches you how to express your emotions and needs. Check how applying this method can heal your relationships with others.

The empty chair technique: what is it?

The empty chair technique is derived from Gest alt therapy. This approach helps the patient to deal with internal and interpersonal conflicts. Thanks to this tool, we can look at the situation from a different perspective.

Through experiences, we can understand the other person's behavior, but also our own. Communication is the main focus of this tool. We can use them in many different aspects and situations.

The technique is very simple, and if you follow it correctly, it can certainly bring the expected results.It will work, among other things, if:

  • you have problems understanding and getting along with a loved one,
  • you do not know how to clearly express your needs or someone does not understand you,
  • you have a lot of negative emotions towards the other person, e.g. anger and regret, from which you would like to free yourself,
  • you are about to have an important conversation with someone close to you.

See what the empty chair technique is.

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