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A contusion of the brain is a condition that requires immediate medical attention. Despite the absence of any outward signs of head injury, the vessels in the skull may have ruptured, resulting in life-threatening hematomas in the brain. How to help the victim until the ambulance arrives? What does first aid look like in the event of a contusion of the brain?

Brain contusionis superficial damage to the hemispheres of the brain or its trunk as a result of a closed head injury, during which the continuity of the skull and direct brain injury was not broken. Consequently, the skull appears to be apparently undamaged on the outside, and there is no wound or other sign on the head that would indicate a serious injury. However, you should know that contusion of the brain is a very serious condition that can damage the blood vessels in the skull. Blood then pours inside, creating a life-threatening intracranial hematoma. Therefore, immediate medical intervention is necessary. Check outfirst aidin case of brain contusion.

Contusion of the brain - first aid

1. Lay the patient comfortably on a soft surface (e.g. bed), with the head slightly raised.

2. Put a bag of ice or cold water on your head.

3. In case of vomiting, gently turn the patient's head to the side and move the bowl over.

4. If the sick person is unconscious, call an ambulance. Until medical assistance arrives, make the sick person on their side, without a pillow, with the head below the chest so that he does not choke when he vomits. A sick person in such a state cannot be left aside even for a moment, because in the dark he may hurt himself.

5. If you are forced to go to the hospital, remember that transporting an injured person with a head injury should be done lying on his side or on his back.

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