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In Poland, 95.5 percent of patients survive a heart attack, but within a year every sixth of them dies. Why? Because a significant proportion of patients after a heart attack do not go to the doctor at all and do not take medications that reduce the risk of another heart attack.

Cardiac rehabilitationcan reduce post-infarction mortality by 20-25 percent, statistics show. Meanwhile, after a heart attack and leaving the hospital, the patient often does not find proper medical care, because it is still unknown who is to take care of him - an internist, family doctor, cardiologist or hypertensiologist.

Lack of care after a heart attack

There is still no sufficiently dense network of specialized clinics caring for such patients. The Polish Society of Cardiology has been unsuccessfully trying to establish it for many years. The availability of outpatient rehabilitation, which is provided by only a few centers, is also insufficient. Yet statistical evidence shows that cardiac rehabilitation can reduce patient mortality by 20-25 percent. In such clinics, the patient could learn appropriate gymnastic exercises and eating habits.

Pharmacotherapy could also be monitored there. This is especially important because many patients suffer from several chronic diseases, take various medications that may interact with each other.

Success of Polish cardiologists

STICH survey conducted in 23 countries on over 2.1 thousand of patients proved that statins, i.e. drugs that lower cholesterol, are prescribed in Poland by 90%. sick (in other countries - 75%). Beta blockers slowing down the heart rate receive as much as 94 percent. Polish heart attacks (82 percent in other countries), convertase inhibitors, i.e. drugs that reduce blood pressure - 91 percent. (78%), and acetylsalicylic acid lowering blood clotting is recommended for 84%. patients (79%). The study concerned only those patients who are under the constant care of a doctor, but not all of them go there. The cited statistical data is a success of Polish cardiologists, but …

Patients after a heart attack do not want to be treated

A significant proportion of patients after a heart attack do not see a doctor at all and do not take medications that reduce the risk of another attack.PURE research shows that only 27% of people use aspirin in Poland. all heart attacks, beta blockers and convertase inhibitors - 31 percent patients, and statins - 21 percent.
Patients who live in cities are better treated than in the countryside. While in cities, aspirin is consumed by 32 percent. Zawałowców, only 20 percent in the countryside. The situation is similar with beta blockers (36% and 25%, respectively), convertase inhibitors (36% and 24%) and statins (25% and 16%). The PURE research also shows that as much as 45 percent. Poles after a heart attack do not use any of the four recommended drugs. 21 percent of respondents are accepted by one of them, 19 percent. - two, and only 16 percent - three or four drugs.

Undisciplined patient

Research by PTK shows that even in groups of patients included in treatment, rehabilitation and educational programs, where they receive good medical care and the most modern drugs - 15 percent. resigns from patients and does not want to be treated further. The second group consists of patients who cooperate but forget to take their medications regularly. Another problem is non-compliance with dietary recommendations and avoidance of physical activity. Meanwhile, many years of observations show that if a patient visits a specialist clinic at least once within 6 months of leaving the hospital after a heart attack and corrects the treatment there, he or she lives much longer. Thus, reaching the consciousness of such patients, shaping it, is a way to reduce the number of deaths. Cardiologists try to achieve this by various methods.

Don't fail! Choose life

Since 2011, the educational campaign "Don't collapse! Choose your life" has been carried out under the auspices of PTK. This is the first step in the search for solutions to improve treatment and education among patients after a heart attack. For those interested, there are guides and educational materials explaining to heart attack patients the need to follow medical recommendations at various stages of treatment. A CD with a set of exemplary rehabilitation exercises has also been prepared. There is a website for Zawałówka.
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