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Most of us believe that forgetting is closely related to age. The older a person is, the worse the memory is. Scholars argue that this is not true and that we can learn new things until old age.

For decades, the perception has been that we are born with a constant number of brain cells. Scientists now know that the brain can regenerate itself, and by proper handling it maintains mental clarity into old age. For this to happen, three conditions must be met: exercise your brain regularly, not poison it with toxins and keep it in good shape. The whole body works on its condition and its overall efficiency determines how the brain will work in the future, whether it will be able to learn, whether it will remember the past and the present.
We can support or limit memory with our behavior. Relaxation, sufficiently long sleep, logical and memory exercises, curiosity about the world have a positive effect on the brain. Proper nutrition is also important. The diet should be rich in fresh vegetables and fruits, fish, lean meat, whole grain products, and vegetable fats. The substances supplied with them support the work of the brain, protect it against degenerative changes and stimulate repair mechanisms.
The brain is negatively affected by stress and emotional tension, excess alcohol, poor diet, smoking. Also, the daily routine makes you gradually cleanse your brain of creativity and fantasy. When the brain is surprised by new ideas, it has to make some effort to achieve the goal.

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