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Back pain can attack suddenly and be extremely distressing. The spine is an extremely important part of our body supporting its entire structure. Unfortunately, we neglect it too often. Backache is a sign that the spine refuses to cooperate and needs proper treatment, and even changing certain habits.

To understand wherespine pain comes fromlet's first consider howspineis actually built. It is a structure consisting of many small cubes - vertebrae separated from each other by disks. Discs can be compared to pillows, thanks to which the entirespineis very flexible. This allows us to make various movements. Stiffness andpainof the neck or back is a sign that our spine should be given more attention. There may also be bigger problems, such as worn cartilage lining the vertebrae. This can lead to serious degenerative changes and pressure on the nerves.

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How to support the spine and reduce pain?

We can treatto the spinee.g. massage. However, it must be remembered that there is no joke with a aching spine. Incompetent massage can hurt yourself and lead to irreparable losses. Therefore, you must visit a specialist for a massage.

We can treat ourselves to a warm bath, which is also good for the spine. It is also worth remembering about the proper treatment ofspineevery day. We should spend a lot of time lying on our back.

When working in front of the computer, remember to place the monitor in front of your face, so that its top edge is slightly above the eye line. The spine is also very fond of swimming. The swimming pool at least twice a week for half an hour works wonders. Back swimming is best. However, it is not recommended to sleep on a high pillow, bend your head down for too long or drive a car for a long time.

It should also be remembered that the spine does not like being overweight very much. The protruding belly places a load on the lumbar spine and deepens its curvature towards the front of the body.

Take the strain off your back as well - especially if you spend many hours behind the desk or behind the wheel. The backrests of chairs and armchairs must be contoured.The bulge should be level with the lumbar spine. If you don't have such a chair at work, fight for it. Your spine is definitely worth it.

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