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Cupping is an old, proven method of treatment. The bubbles will help with colds, eliminate pain, and when used for a relaxing massage, they will remove fatigue and tension. You can even put them on a one-year-old child. However, you need to know how to put the bubbles correctly. And be careful not to burn the patient. Learn how to place bubbles?


  1. Bubbles - types and operation of bubbles
  2. Cupping - when, to whom, where and how
  3. Cupping - massage the pain
  4. Cupping children
  5. Rules for safe cupping

Bubblesandcupping , treated for years rather with a pinch of s alt, are back in favor again.

The healing properties of bubbles have been discovered in the Far East, where for millennia they have been a drug that has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, as well as strengthens, detoxifies and calms.

Not without reason - because they help to heal bronchitis, pneumonia, upper respiratory tract infections, rheumatism, weakening of the immune system. Placing the bubbles relieves tension and stress, and also improves circulation, thanks to which we feel full of energy and fresh.

- Cupping even allows you to avoid antibiotics, e.g. in recurrent infections of the upper respiratory tract - emphasizes Dr. Wiesław Salach, director of the Pain Treatment and Acupuncture Center in Warsaw.

Bubbles - types and operation of bubbles

There are three types of bubbles. Regardless of which one we use, the point is to create a vacuum inside, when applied to the body. Thanks to this, the bubble sticks to the skin.

  • classic glass bubbles to be put on hot - they suck to the body when the spirit burning inside uses the oxygen - their effect is the strongest
  • glass bubbles to be placed without the use of fire - they have a valve that sucks air with a special pump - they are the safest
  • rubber bubbles - vacuum is created when the compressed rubber expands

The negative pressure created in the bubble causes certain amounts of white and red blood cells to be sucked out of small blood vessels. After extravasation, they become a "foreign body" and must be removed. - It mobilizes the body to fight disease or pain - explains Dr. Halina Kondraciuk,vacuum therapy specialist.

What do the bubbles look like? See gallery

See the gallery of 8 photosAccording to an expertDr. Halina Kondraciuk, an anaesthesiologist, specialist in Chinese medicine, expert in vakuumtherapy (vacuum treatment)

Wash the glass bubbles in hot water to keep them warm and dry them thoroughly. Prepare a vessel with alcohol and a metal rod about 15 cm long, with the tip wrapped with a cotton ball. We light a candle. Grease and lightly massage the places where we will put the bubbles. Gently soak the cotton ball with alcohol and set it on fire. We put a burning cotton swab into the bulb with a firm move, quickly withdraw it and immediately put the opening of the bulb on the body. It should stick. After placing the bubbles, we cover the sick person with a quilt. Unless it is a massage or an analgesic treatment - then there is no need. After 10-15 minutes, remove the bubbles - tilt them slightly, while pressing the skin at their edge with your fingers. Now the sick person should rest, preferably fall asleep. As a result of the rupture of small blood vessels, bruises remain on the patient's back, which will absorb and disappear after a few days.

Cupping - when, to whom, where and how

The treatment is best done once every two days. For pain relief, you can do it more often. In the case of a cold - on the back and sides of the chest, and in the treatment of pain - where it teases (even on the knee). To enhance the effect, it is worth applying the cups to acupuncture points (indicated in the instructions attached to the package). This allows you to quickly restore the energy balance in the body.

- According to Chinese medicine, a cold is caused by the intrusion of the elements of cold, wind and moisture into the system, which slow down blood circulation and weaken our defense mechanisms - says Dr. Kondraciuk. However, it is better to entrust the placing of cupping at acupuncture points to people specially prepared for it. Despite the instructions, it is not difficult to make a mistake. Even a centimeter shift can cause an undesirable reaction, and too much negative pressure - even hurt.

Cupping - massage the pain

A relaxing, stress-relieving or pain-relieving massage can be done with any cup, but a rubber one is the easiest (a glass one is difficult to manipulate, you can damage the skin). First, lubricate the selected places with cosmetic oil or a warming ointment. After sucking on the bubble, you need to adjust the pressure so that it moves freely. Massage cannot be painful. Slowly lead the bubble from top to bottom and from bottom to top, over the entire massaged surface, e.g. the back. After the procedure, the patient does not have to lie in bed, unless he is sick, then the procedure is best donein the evening, just before going to bed.

Cupping children

Only suitable for those who are one year old. The skin is smeared with cream so that it is not taut, and 6 small bubbles are placed: above, under and between the shoulder blades (3 bubbles on each side of the back). Then they form a drawing of butterfly wings. They are held for 10 minutes. The child must be tightly covered. After the treatment, she should stay at home for at least three days.


The cupping treatment is cheap, harmless, and has no side effects (the only trace is the rapidly disappearing bruising). You can buy cans at almost any pharmacy. Classic glass costs 4-5 PLN per piece, glass ones with a valve - approx. 70 PLN for 12 pieces, rubber - approx. 30 PLN for 4 pieces.

Rules for safe cupping

  • Before the procedure, the patient's skin should be greased with petroleum jelly or a warming ointment and massaged.
  • If the areas where we are going to manipulate the bubbles are very hairy, they need to be shaved.
  • Long hair needs to be tied up.
  • We pay attention to the patient's behavior all the time.
  • Classic cupping is difficult. You need to practice before using them for the first time, e.g. trying to stick them on the thick, varnished cover of a colorful magazine.
  • If we can't deal with thermal bubbles, let's buy a cold-stand.

Cupping is incompatible with Evidence Based Medicine (EBM). When you decide to use cupping therapy, you cannot abandon conventional therapies for which there is reliable evidence for their safety and efficacy. Cupping should not be used, especially in the treatment of chronic, serious or potentially serious diseases.

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