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Treatment of neurosis takes time, but the effort is worth it. This is because neurosis can completely make it impossible to live normally. The treatment of neurosis is primarily psychotherapy, but drug therapy is also used. Check how the treatment of neurosis should proceed.

Neurosis . The disease affects many people.Treatment of neurosisusually takes time.Neurosisis a group of various mental disorders based on tension and anxiety. It is a disease of emotions caused by unconscious and unresolved internal conflicts.Treatment of neurosissometimes requires the administration of pharmacological agents, but drugs alone will not solve the patient's problems and will not free him from neurosis.

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Treatment of neurosis: when are drugs administered?

If the patient suffers from severe anxiety, the tension prevents him from sleeping or functioning normally, he cannot control tormenting thoughts and compulsions (compulsive activities), he is afraid to leave the house, he is afraid of contact with other people, he is obsessed with point of he alth, he althy eating, cleanliness or other neurotic symptoms that make life difficult - doctors often decide to administer medications to alleviate these symptoms. They are sedatives, anti-depressants and sometimes anti-depressants. Pharmacological agents do not completely relieve the patient of anxiety and disorders. They make them easier to handle and make it possible to start psychotherapy.

Treatment of neurosis: psychotherapy

At the root of neurosis are human psychological problems. Often, neurotic reactions are triggered by a difficult situation in which a person finds himself (loss of a job, mobbing, poverty, lack of financial security, loss of an important person, toxic relationship, taking up challenges beyond the possibilities, chronic stress that someone cannot cope with, a traumatic situation - accident, seizure, violence). There are many reasons for the occurrence of a neurotic reaction. Sometimes they are objectively not dramatic, but subjectively they are unbearable for the patient, precisely because of his psychological problems. Psychotherapy is aimed at getting to the essence of the patient's problems, making him aware of his internal conflicts. The psychotherapist gives the patient support and creates safe conditions for meeting difficult problems.It helps the patient discover disturbances in the perception of himself and his experiences, find the causes of disorders, deal with past wounds that have left a mark on the patient's personality and his way of experiencing various experiences and events. Psychotherapy is also about solving current conflicts, building a stable self-esteem and learning various interpersonal skills.

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